Krampus print and coloring contest

KRAMPUS PRINT (coloring contest info at bottom)   I dunno about you but keeping busy helps me get through the holidays…which isn’t too tough since I am always busy.  last year, if you recall I about poisoned myself with chemicals in a cast/mold/airbrush Arsenic Lullaby X-mas ornament fiasco.    (That blog… Continue reading

Dave vs Human Resources

This weeks Blog from Dave the Black Guy! Inhuman and UN-Resourceful Who wants a rant?! Are you ready for a rant? Too bad, because you’re getting one anyway. I am going to rant about the bane of our existence and the reason unemployment is so high. Human Resources. The blame… Continue reading

This weeks Podcast – I decide suicide is too much hassle

This weeks Podcast is up!  You can listen below or go to   DEC 10 2014 (bumper music courtesy of Scream Machine and Lockjaw ) Doug decides not to kill himself because there is too much work involved, and briefly talks about riots and the CIA torture techniques.  … Continue reading


  Along with comics, blogs and other anti-holiday related content, we have brought back the podcasts!  All the stories too long for Doug to type or complaining that he feels just using ALL CAPS doesn’t do justice too, will be on the semi weekly podcasts.  You can find the news… Continue reading

Historical douchebags

I’ve kinda been feeling lately…not so much like I’m in a rut, but that I should probably switch gears or something.  My writing I mean, not my life.  My life I should have switched gears on years ago and the transmission linkage is now rusted in place and no amount… Continue reading

Thanksful vs Unthankful

This week’s blog from Dave the Black Guy !     Reasons I am Thankful So we had Thanksgiving last week. Like the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a day where I don’t have to do anything except eat and… Continue reading

The time I saw a ghost…on X-mas.

***This is a “best of” blog from a previous Christmas.  For Holiday related blogs and podcasts from the past ( and by Holiday related we mean Douglas complaining during the months of December and November)  go to our X-mas Bunker  at this link***   The Ghost of Christmas rubbish… Continue reading

The Walking Dead VS the 80’s

    I suppose the people of The Walking Dead SEEM pretty badass to a bunch of uncultured millennials.  But how do they measure up against some REAL badasses.  We give to you The Walking Dead VS the 80’s Imagine them, head to head, in neutral territory.  Two men enter one… Continue reading

reaching the level of your own incompetence

“reaching the level of your own incompetence” or How the hell am I supposed to draw this? A friend of mine coined that phrase for a situation he ran into early in his career as a restaurant manager.  He had risen quickly and managed to rise to a job he… Continue reading

I don’t think she’s gonna take much more of this guff…

  If you’ll recall, I have been listening to a young hip college type radio station, I have committed to this to the point of…giving them my email address so I can get their newsletter! I got one yesterday…and felt obligated to reply.  Here is the conversation so far- (also… Continue reading

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