Updates and Boba Fett

I happened to hear the news this morning and they mentioned that they still have not found the missing Malaysian jet liner, but are trying some new thing or another.  Two things come to mind every time I hear about  this story, the first is this- why doesn’t some terrorist… Continue reading

words of wisdom or A-hole math

  A little asshole math  In the end being happy is pretty simple …I know how that sounds coming from me, what i mean to say is that it’s not complicated. The most important thing in your life is the people you surround yourself with. That’s all that really matters,… Continue reading

Cobain’s death and the car trip

 Oddly enough I remember exactly where is was when I heard Kurt Cobain died.   I was working at an oil change center and just got in and asked. “is it Cobain’s birthday or something? It’s nonstop Nirvana on the radio today.  If someone comes in here NOT screaming at me… Continue reading


  IN CASE YOU MISSED PREVIOUS ANNOUNCEMENTS Modified Arsenic Lullaby story  to appear in Comedy Central’s Trip Tank …and that’s the facts Jack If this caught you flat-footed then you missed the previous Blog leading up to this announcement, you can find that at this link  http://arseniclullabies.com/wordpress/?p=943 The only new… Continue reading

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