C2E2   *** APPEARANCE CANCELLED ***   we WILL NOT BE EXHIBITING AT THIS YEARS C2E2 in Chicago. This is no reflection on that show. It is a great show and the people who run it are decent. Sometimes two opportunities end up running right into each other, something… Continue reading

The Big Stall update

The Big Stall update The Big Stall is just about in your hands “yeah? You said that already …where’s the update in that?” Yeah?…we’ll see how snarky you are after you see it. Anyhoo, It’s being printed and the only delay was in the hardcover version. The first printer either… Continue reading

The Gold Standard

  The Gold Standard or You choose them your way, I’ll choose them mine. Let me tell you about one of the best friends I ever had. I knew him in High School and through most of my twenties. I am a strange guy, and kind of a jerk, and… Continue reading

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