TWD spoiler Oct.25 2015

On this weeks episode of TWd- Carol having outed herself as a badass during the wolf attack decides to drop the facade and declares herself Queen of the entire town. Morgan protests and is banished…she then decides that everyone is banished and locks them all out at gunpoint, while wearing… Continue reading

Everything you would have missed.

“I was gentle as I was able and that’s the last we’ll speak of it” Al Swerengen Deadwood season 3 I will in fact NOT be at the MCBA Fall Comic-con this year (for the first time in about tens years, I decided not to go).  The whole sordid tale… Continue reading

“I didn’t really say that, but I probably will.”

 “…A Republic, if you can keep it.” This weekend is the MCBA Fall Comic-con in St.Paul, MN.  I will, for the first time in about ten years, not be attending. I had intended to not say much of anything about why, (an unusual show of restraint by me) but it… Continue reading

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