No complaints

“why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change” Oddball – Kelly’s Heroes   I attended the West Virginia  Pop Culture Con.  I am assuming they called it “pop culture”  instead of “comic-con” to attract people who are not only interested in comic books and in respect to… Continue reading

Wizard…in MY backyard?! I have a solution for that…

Wizard…in MY backyard?!  I have a solution for that I just heard the news that the blight on the comic book industry known as “wizard World” has set their sights on St.Paul and more specifically siphoning off out the MCBA convention. PLEASE Listen carefully to what I say, I haven’t… Continue reading

Cover theory or A tale of two Joe’s

I loath drawing covers. When you are making a story and working on story pages, the key is thought and hard work.  There are a tool box full of techniques you can use to punch up the page and it is simply a matter of using your brain and figuring… Continue reading


  As usual the writer and illustrator of your favorite dark humor comic Arsenic Lullaby…will be going from one rotten end of this country to the next so that you ingrates can get autographs, sketches and Merch that we should really raise the price on but never remember to until… Continue reading

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