As usual the writer and illustrator of your favorite dark humor comic Arsenic Lullaby…will be going from one rotten end of this country to the next so that you ingrates can get autographs, sketches and Merch that we should really raise the price on but never remember to until the show is over and it’s all gone…after which Douglas mentally counts the money that was lost by not raising everything by 15% and then blames someone else.


 In any case, you can see him scowl at people at any of the shows listed below and no, he is not going to be at ANY Wizard World event.

We do our best to ONLY attend quality shows, put on by quality promoters. We bring plenty of books, shirts, artwork, DVDs ect ect, and our Illustrator is at the booth available for autographs and sketches 99% of the show. In short, we MAKE SURE if we are at a convention that it is WORTH the price of admission.

August 24th 25th

West Virginia

Never been to this show before, In fact this is one of the few STATES I’ve never been to before…


September 6th 7th and 8th


This is the first year of this show, but it seems to be committed to comic books and not washed up t.v. stars, so that’s a plus.  See you there.


***due to overlap on this weekend we will not be at the Baltimore show…this is NO reflection on the quality of the Baltimore Comic-con convention.  Baltimore is a good show, run by quality people and a lot of fun.  Plenty of good guests and plenty of reasons to go if you are in the area!***

October 5th


This is a standard MCBA show…meaning it is awesome.  Packed with guests, free parking, great location, great atmosphere…be prepared though…this is a one day show that could easily be a two day show. It’s a Madhoussseee!!!!!  We bring the whole shooting gallery to this con, and usually bring stuff you can’t find on the website.


October 25-27th


Actually this is held in Dearborn MI …so you won’t have to see much actual poverty…except at the tables after mine heh heh. Another show run by people who give a damn.  It’s only in it’s third year but already runs like a well oiled machine…(unlike brand X in Detroit…) If you went to brand X last time,you know the meaning of the term clusterf@ck,I of course did not go to that show…I would sooner go back in time and go to DragonCon while it was still being run by the degenerate pedderass,…that how LOW on the rung of human waste the guy who runs the other show is…which makes it a big relief that THIS show is so great.  I can boycott that show and actually have a better time. win win for everyone.


Nov 9th- 10th

South Portland Main (confirmed)

Never been to this show or state either ( didn’t I say I was cutting back on appearances?..wft?) But I met the promoter at SDCCI and I like the cut of his jib.


 ***and by the way if you backed us on kickstarter don’t forget to bring your discount card***

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