TWD spoilers for ENTIRE SECOND half of season8

Remember when I used to post running spoilers of each TWD episode on FB?  That was good stuff, especially the reactions of people who didn’t get what was going on and were mortally confused.  But…I have since come to the conclusion that me providing FB content for free, when it… Continue reading

Is TWD just an abusive boyfriend?

Sometimes I come up with a title for a blog and then wonder if I even need to write the blog?  That title pretty much speaks for itself right? Do I really need to explain the analogy.  Keeps up the same bad behavior over and over and you keep telling… Continue reading

Valentine’s day comics, sort of…

  Yeah…I got nuthin. Seems Like I’d have done some comic with cupid in it at some point, but nope…It’s not a subject a work with much, it’s too well traveled by others.  _________________________________________ When Douglas is not complaining, he and his work can be found here sign up… Continue reading

I’m going to hate the Black Panther movie

A lot of the hype of The Black Panther is that it is a black hero with a primarily black cast. And this is said to be good because black kids now have a super hero to relate to.  I dunno…I realize I’m a shut in, but it’s 2018 is… Continue reading

Tooth fairies and madness

  Tooth fairies and madness Lately, I’m starting to worry that I might be losing my mind.  My mind doesn’t seem to be functioning as it once did. “yeah, that last mass email update was pretty lewd” …I’m not talking about that, and that blog was funny.  The “wad of… Continue reading

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