Indiana Comic Con and kids

Indiana Comic Con 2014   Too much and too many Or You can’t see the forest because the trees are in the way.       I have been to a lot of poorly run comic book conventions in my day, and I have done as much complaining about them… Continue reading

Lowlife tip of the month ( one in a series) The Junkyard.

Nothing feels like spring to a recovering lowlife like myself as much as a trip to the junkyard. Even if you are not a gear head you can appreciate the Zen sort of feeling of rescuing some part…searching out some discarded vehicle…repairing something, bringing something back to life. OR you can just… Continue reading

from time to time things go wrong….

YEARS ago… I worked at an oil change center.  One of those places where you drive your car in and they change your oil for 20.00 and then try to sell you all sorts of other repairs.  I case you’re wondering, no it’s not a scam.  99% of the time… Continue reading

Commissions are closed.

well, that’s that. I gave you til the 1st of March to get on the list.   I’m going to finish the remaining commissions up and move onto focusing on the next book.  Although NSN Art seems to have found a place where I can make use of the extra guts… Continue reading

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