H.P. Lovecraft trading card set illustrations!

A while back I teased that I was contributing some illustrations for a H.P.Lovecraft Trading card set by Monsterwax. Monsterwax is a solid company that I’ve worked with before and their head man in charge, Kurt, is a stickler for quality…and made getting the right printer for the job a… Continue reading

Cover Gallary/Timeline as A.L. has reached 1000 pages

Arsenic Lullaby has been around for awhile and is independently published (by me), and seeking out back issues and figuring out the order of them something people torture themselves with. So…I have laid out every cover (not including reprints or collections) in the order they came out! Follow along and… Continue reading

Obscure and not good enough

We were having all kind of trouble with the website for the last month or so…but we’ve switched webhosts and we are BACK up and running again…here we go.. My desk, sketchbooks, and folders are filled with stories and gags that for one reason or the other haven’t seen the… Continue reading

Quick intro/how to for using Steemit

I went over the “why” you should get on Steemit earlier HERE.  and as many of you are signing up, this blog might help you hit the ground running.  Steemit is what is known as “alt-tech” or a “decentralized platform”  which, as I understand it, more or less means there… Continue reading

If you are a creative type, there are better neighborhoods than Facebook popping up

If you’re someone who’s on social media partly to advance your creative endeavors, you don’t need me to explain to you that Facebook sucks.  It sucks bad, it’s doing far less for you than it used to…if it’s doing anything at all. You started on there and have remained because… Continue reading

Aliens, Art Bell, and Stan Lee

As far as impending celebrity deaths go, I’ve been dreading news of Stan Lee for so long that I never even gave any thought to Art Bell dying. Art Bell was one of the guys who saved am radio from dying off decades ago.   After FM radio came out with… Continue reading

Mad Magazine reboot?

***this was sent out to subscribers to our email updates last week. Our emails ain’t you’re usual ads and plugfests, although there is some of that since I’m running a business here, BUT those people get to read the bulk of my rants, see sneak previews first, and get insider… Continue reading

Worst mermaid ever…NOT SAFE FOR WORK

NSFW LOVECRAFT ILLUSTRATION When we last left our hero, he was working on illustrations for the Monsterwax Lovecraft trading card set. Among the ideas I originally sent over was this one. A million years ago I was a manager of a thrift store in a ghetto. It was an interesting… Continue reading

Tooth fairies and madness

  Tooth fairies and madness Lately, I’m starting to worry that I might be losing my mind.  My mind doesn’t seem to be functioning as it once did. “yeah, that last mass email update was pretty lewd” …I’m not talking about that, and that blog was funny.  The “wad of… Continue reading


…I wrote this whole blog once already and the computer crashed.  And this is the third time I have tried to get the photos to upload. So you’re getting the bullet points because I’m busy AF. -Herndon and I met many many years ago. -Became fast friends. -At the time… Continue reading

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