yeah…I guess they do impair your motor skills.

So…when we last left our hero he had a handful of stitches…a prescription for painkillers and a rare day off. The results are why I try not to have free time. I noticed the painkillers had the usual warning label “don’t take with alcohol ” “will impair motor skills” ect. … Continue reading

Comic-ConInternational recap

Comic-con International 2013 recap or “you’re just one  of those guys interesting stuff happens to” So, let’s see…day one I sliced my left palm open with a box cutter two hours before the show…before the booth was fully set up…so that was fun.  Several people got blood stained books that… Continue reading

I haven’t slept since…what day is it? If you are reading this then I am actually typing in English and not gibberish brought on by lack of sleep and too much stress. So…that’s good. Setting up at Comic-con International is a hell of an undertaking …won’t bore you with it… Continue reading

When we last left our hero…

A good percentage of you pick up your beloved Arsenic Lullaby every year at COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL!…and don’t check back in until the next years show.  So you may have missed to big goings on in between last years show and the upcoming one, like oh…WHEN I ALMOST WENT OUT OF… Continue reading

Gail Simone’s got big news!(…yawning and confused)

  Gail Simone’s go big news! Gail Simone’s Red Sonja #1 Goes To Second Printing, After 35,000 Sell Through Her first issue of Red Sonja has sold out at the distributor level!  which means…nothing actually and doesn’t even make any sense …”distributor level?”  See, how it works is, the distributor… Continue reading

…trouble getting a hold of me?

On behalf of my fellow comic books pros… I understand that I don’t have a “real job”. I understand how someone who works a 9 to 5 job views what I do. I’ve had 9 to 5 jobs. I’ve been everything to a short order cook in a Mexican restaurant,… Continue reading

Independance makes strange bedfellows

      The current climate in this country, at least among most people who read my stuff, isn’t very hospitable to patriotism. Allot of you balk at the notion, and give the flag the finger instead of a salute.  You dwell on everything that’s wrong NOW. NOW however in… Continue reading

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