When we last left our hero…

A good percentage of you pick up your beloved Arsenic Lullaby every year at COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL!…and don’t check back in until the next years show.  So you may have missed to big goings on in between last years show and the upcoming one, like oh…WHEN I ALMOST WENT OUT OF BUSINESS.

That’s right, last fall Arsenic Lullaby the comic, the cartoons, the whole brand, almost went down for the count permanently.  If it weren’t for the angels on my shoulders ( or devils) that backed us up via a kick-starter program you would be wandering the halls of Comic-Con looking all over for us IN VAIN.  Our booth would be replaced by some sh*tbag with bootlegged prints, or rehashed ideas, or some loser rehashing the crappy ideas he had in college in a pathetic, costly display of mid-life crisis…OR just been absorbed by one of the larger companies that gleefully insults your intelligence on a weekly basis.   Instead of my smilin’ face signing your books and sketching for free, there would have been the usual jackass charging $10 for an autograph, ignoring you while he does it, or just a sign telling which two hours of the ten hour day he will actually be at the booth. THAT is what almost happened.  No joke, no hyperbole, no lie…Arsenic Lullaby was almost gone forever.

Seeing as how there are about 600-800 of you who come by the booth each year and ONLY 350 PEOPLE BACKED OUR KICK-STARTER CHAMPAGNE…MOST OF WHOM WERE NOT FROM THE SAN DIEGO AREA…It is safe to assume most of you never heard about it. 

Arsenic Lullaby “The Big Stall” a brand new full color book that is hands down on of my three greatest issues in ten years…almost never saw the light of day.

I am telling you right now…Arsenic Lullaby lives or dies at the behest of its fans vigilance.

You need to start paying attention every single month, and supporting us ($) whenever possible.  You can no longer just ASSUME we will be around forever for you to get your books whenever you are damn well good and ready.  This is an Independent company fighting every month against fortune 500 companies. When you go to CCI or get online or go to your store …and fork over cash for CRAP from big companies…crap that you can find everywhere anytime you want…You are screwing yourself…and more importantly ME.

While you are at comic-con this year…before you spend one single dollar on some cheap Chinese sh*t, that you are going to forget about or throw away, or wonder why the f*ck you spend money on it two weeks later, you might want to go to our booth first and spend you cash on QUALITY BOOK, ARTWORK, MERCH…THAT EFFORT, THOUGHT, AND COUNTLESS HOURS OF WORK WERE PUT INTO.

I say this now because it is easy to forget that, that is your choice.  You can by a Marvel statue that brings you joy for the first 3 minutes it’s on your shelf, or you can pick up the recent Arsenic Lullaby collection that will haunt you for the rest of your life, or the t-shirt that will let people know you aren’t in the mood for their B.S. today,  or one of a kind artwork that will likely be the one thing in your house you make sure to grab on your way out when there is a fire.  I know I don’t need to tell you how good A.L. is…but after last fall fiasco I DO feel I need to remind you that all it takes is one month of the dice rolling the wrong way and 50% of you forgetting about us for ARSENIC LULLABY to be gone forever.

Look around that convention center at the BIG BIG BIG BIG companies that are there…then look at us.  Do you realize the incalculable odds we are up against every single year?  We survive because of you, every dollar you spend at some other booth cuts into our survival rate.  I won’t go into the cost and risk of setting up at that show because you wouldn’t believe me, but I will say this…and take this to heart.  Those other companies will be around tomorrow if you decide to wait and get their stuff on ebay next month…WE WON’T.

Every one of you matters to us, you are what keeps this brand alive, last falls nigh disaster is proof of that.

If you are interested in the kickstarter fiasco…the link to the kickstarter page is here ( and by the way take a good look at all the free stuff people who saved our ass go as bonuses)

And the several angry, panicked, blogs corresponding to it are here…

AND while you are clicking around, go HERE and  look in the upper left hand corner…and sign up for our emails SO WE CAN FIND YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU.

and by the way…would it kill any of you to bring me an energy drink while I’m at the booth…I am at that booth virtually the entire show (ten hours a day) sketching and signing autograph…know ANY OTHER ILLUSTRATOR WHO CAN SAY THAT?  BRING ME AN F’N DRINK ONCE IN AWHILE. (no redbull please)

We will be at booth 2200, bring cash…that $5 you decide to waste of some corporate crap might be the $5 that keep Arsenic Lullaby poisoning the pop culture for another day.


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