I haven’t slept since…what day is it?

If you are reading this then I am actually typing in English and not gibberish brought on by lack of sleep and too much stress. So…that’s good.

Setting up at Comic-con International is a hell of an undertaking …won’t bore you with it now, I already complained about it HERE.

Anyways, you know the drill by now for this show, and if you don’t I will say two things.

1- I am at the booth the entire show, I don’t take breaks or screw off. The only time I am not there is when I go to the bathroom to assault someone to blow off some steam. So find our booth and you will find me. HOWEVER, this does not mean wait til the last minute. Things sells out, shirt sizes sell out, and if you are looking for a sketch, here is a little tip. Sketch no.5 looks a hell of a lot better than sketch no. 506. So…keep in mind that while it may not seem like it at times I am mortal and my hand will wear out and sketches will get gradually worse.

2-I forget what the second thing was…

Do’s and Don’t for cons are HERE…and also HERE

We have a pretty damn good spot…see below for map with yellow arrow…we are booth no.2200. Just walk in door C and go to your right.Or one you are in the hall find the DC booth and we are just east (the entrances are east of the DC booth for those of you directionally challenged).

(see you in San Diego)

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