FIRST OFF, the webstore is fixed and you are now able to actually complete an order…two different “modules” updated themselves and didn’t want to connect to each other afterwards. Took a bit, but Joe figured it out. Sorry for the hassle. Took us longer to realize there was a problem… Continue reading

This years Arsenic Lullaby Krampus print and Xmas gifts?

COUPON CODE – HUMBUG – GOOD FOR 25% OFF THE ARSENIC LULLABY ONLINE STORE Odds are you have a weirdo on your list that isn’t going to be happy with the standard stuff…OR you are currently not in the mood to gaf about anyone and need a little something for… Continue reading

FINISHED Krampus illustration (final progress)

When we last left our hero he was struggling but making progress on a Krampus Illustration http://arseniclullabies.com/wordpress/?p=16867 So…since then it has gone like so…I tackled inking the broken glass and some odds and ends that really ain’t as hard as they look. and finally worked up the courage to finish… Continue reading

This years Krampus Illustration progress

I’m still mulling over doing the X-mas coloring contest, depends on if I have something new to color. …if this actually turns out, I’ll have the coloring contest again. This is a rare instance for me, where it is going to be more fun to ink than to pencil. There’s… Continue reading

Last Minute Gifts and Website stuff

Well…what is usually a time of year were the website is updated with stuff to do/see many times a week…has this year been me not being able to do JACK SQUAT to it because of website f*ck-uppery of every kind…thanks to an “upgrade” to the “internet security firewall”.  where in… Continue reading

X-mas Coloring contest?

The Arsenic Lullaby X-mas bomb Shelter is up, should you need to use it. ENTER X-MAS BUNKER HERE As far as the coloring contest goes…I dunno.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s website crap and that’s time-consuming and here’s the thing- It really hasn’t been serving the purpose I hoped… Continue reading


Arsenic Lullaby X-MAS CARD / Coloring contest And the winner is… First a round of applause and thanks to everyone who entered. Nice work all of you.  The rest of you can go right to the devil. Voting was tight…really tight, like everyone was within three points of each other… Continue reading

You gotta have hope, y’know?

People read my work and often assume I had some miserable childhood.  That’s not the case.  My childhood was more or less pretty good.  Christmas was always a high point.  I loved (and still do) everything about it.  The gifts, the decorations, the music, the noise, the wrapping paper, decorating… Continue reading

X-MAS COLORING CONTEST PART2 -contestants so far

The Holidays can  be a real punch in the groin.  I’ve found that staying busy can help.  No problems there this year, I’ve had my hands full preparing for and going to a Comic-con In the Netherlands, and have come home to a big fat burning deadline…so I haven’t had… Continue reading

Dutch Comic-Con Part 3 in a series -Making the Exclusive

Part 3 – Making the Exclusive Info on Dutch Xmas Con HERE When we last left our hero he had surveyed the landscape of previous Dutch Comic-Cons and judged them to be serious business. These people know how to put on a Comic-con, and the people who go appear to… Continue reading

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