Misogyny?! You need a history lesson on the comic book industry and it’s fans

Certain types of blogs I do always generate backlash, they are blogs about the comic book industry and they always generate the same type backlash – I don’t care about the comic book industry. I don’t want to read about the comic book industry. Let the tights and capes people… Continue reading

An open letter to Chelsea Cain in defense of comic book fans

  I’m glad I wasn’t part of the car crash this time. or This isn’t the fault of comic book fans A brief synopsis for my readers who don’t pay attention to comic books. One Chelsea Cain, respected best selling author of books, of the “thriller” genera, got a writing… Continue reading


WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? or There is a time and a place for everything…and that was not either.   http://www.geekedoutnation.com/chelsea-cain-left-twitter-and-this-is-absolutely-comics-problem/ That is just one of several articles out there about Cain leaving twitter because she was “bombarded” with “misogynistic comments”. Absent from any article I was… Continue reading

Luke Cage was awful…part two in a series- Calling me names ain’t going to make this show not stupid.

In part one of the series – Luke Cage on Netflix was awful, I went on about how Luke Cage was non-blackest Back Show ever, and how they had a guy who should be an underwear model playing Luke Cage. I prefaced it with a paragraph about my credibility in… Continue reading

My TWD prediction is…Michonne

This is going to be quick and probably filled with typos, because I just realized I have like half an hour to get to my cousins to hate-watch TWD. I don’t remember who I predicted would die at the end of last season…i think I said Glenn. I am changing… Continue reading

Luke Cage was awful…part one in a series “Too Black?!”

Luke Cage was a complete mess. It was so Bad it took me this long to write about it because I could not trim down all the issues into one blog.  I’ve given up and this will be a series. As a preamble, let me explain that Luke Cage was… Continue reading

Gary Reed and a History lesson on Indy publishing

Gary Reed passed away this weekend. The vast majority of you just went “gee, that’s too bad…I have no idea who that is.” Gary Reed was the man behind Caliber Comics. “Oooh…gee, that’s too bad.” Yeah, I don’t expect the same reaction as if Stan lee had died.  But to… Continue reading

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