Goodby 2016 you heartless %&#@ucker

2016…I’m glad that’s over A bunch of beloved entertainers died this year…if one of them was someone you admired, consider yourself fortunate.  First, they could have lived long enough for your entire view of them to be ruined forever (Bill Cosby). Second, they died ahead of the giant wave of… Continue reading

You gotta have hope, y’know?

People read my work and often assume I had some miserable childhood.  That’s not the case.  My childhood was more or less pretty good.  Christmas was always a high point.  I loved (and still do) everything about it.  The gifts, the decorations, the music, the noise, the wrapping paper, decorating… Continue reading

X-MAS COLORING CONTEST PART2 -contestants so far

The Holidays can  be a real punch in the groin.  I’ve found that staying busy can help.  No problems there this year, I’ve had my hands full preparing for and going to a Comic-con In the Netherlands, and have come home to a big fat burning deadline…so I haven’t had… Continue reading

Dutch Comic-Con Part 3 in a series -Making the Exclusive

Part 3 – Making the Exclusive Info on Dutch Xmas Con HERE When we last left our hero he had surveyed the landscape of previous Dutch Comic-Cons and judged them to be serious business. These people know how to put on a Comic-con, and the people who go appear to… Continue reading

Coloring contest and X-mas bunker are …live!

Every year I think I am going to have this ready in advance and every year it sneaks up on me…maybe because my subconscious would rather just ignore the whole season. In any case the ARSENIC LULLABY X-MAS BOMB SHELTER IS OPEN    Arsenic Lullaby Comics, bogs, podcasts, and stuff to… Continue reading

Dutch Comic-Con part 2 in a series

When we last left our hero, he had been invited to be a guest at Dutch X-mas con! That’s about as much as I told you…because that’s about as much as I knew.  Initially, there isn’t too much I have to know.  I’ve been doing this awhile and whether I’m… Continue reading

Inktober contest winner is…

Someone has to win.. I’ve been avoiding announcing the winner of the Inktober inking contest for a reason.  I have been having trouble picking a winner.  I hadn’t counted on anyone actually being that interested, so I never defined what makes one effort of inking better than another.  That is… Continue reading

In case you weren’t mortified enough…I will be representing the U.S. at the Dutch X-mas Comic-con

Just in case you weren’t mortified about Trump representing the U.S.A overseas, I will be at Dutch X-mas Con this December!  And I’m gonna be grabbing all the…windmills…or cheese, or whatever it’s inappropriate to grab over there. And I’m gonna say “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” while I do it!  I’m gonna let… Continue reading

The X-mas Bomb shelter is coming…

The election is over and it is time for us to unite as a nation…in loathing the holidays. That means the Arsenic Lullaby X-mas Bomb Shelter is returning… That means the Podcasts are returning The best of X-mas rants/blogs are returning Arsenic Lullaby X-mas comics are returning AND THE ARSENIC… Continue reading

Would you please act like adults? Steranko, and every one else in this country is greater than the sum of their political opinion.

(cover by the Legendary Jim Steranko, just so you non-comic book readers know who is in question here) Haven’t you people learned anything in the last year?  Has it not yet gotten through to you why we have the awful choices we have? Why nothing is getting better? I’ll explain… Continue reading

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