Coloring contest and X-mas bunker are …live!

Every year I think I am going to have this ready in advance and every year it sneaks up on me…maybe because my subconscious would rather just ignore the whole season.

In any case the ARSENIC LULLABY X-MAS BOMB SHELTER IS OPEN    frostyArsenic Lullaby Comics, bogs, podcasts, and stuff to keep you busy until the rest of the jolly ass world is done torturing each other with sacchariny sweet Holiday cheer.  It’s nauseating isn’t it? As a cosmic balance to all that cheer, you can go to the A.L. X-mas Bombshelter.

AND the 3rd Annual Arsenic Lullaby Coloring Contest has begun!krampsayscontest900boarderThe Contest and info is HERE

All are welcome!

color316Use photoshop, watercolor, crayons, ketchup packets and a stick, the blood of your enemies, or whatever is handy. Effort and Creativeness count heavily, so have no fear if you lack in skill. 

Right on this page HERE you will find all the info and X-mas cards to download, print, color and sent in to try to win..STUFF! Enter as often as you like!

This years prizes include a free T-shirt of your choice from World of the Strange!


  Original art commission from Christopher Herndon


Original Krampus art from me.


There are also prizes for runners up and coupon codes for all who participate!

The Contest and info is HERE

Lest you think your fate is in the hands of a bitter madman (me), this years Celebrity Judges include…

jdkdl200Kristina Deak-Linsner,

An artist and the Creative Director for Linsner Industries.  Aside from that she has had work featured in Heart of the Goddess, Kerrang!, Launchpad Press, Metal Edge Magazine, and various 80’s-90’s underground music fanzines in the US and abroad.

jdjm200Joseph Michael Linsner

The man behind Cry For Dawn, and Sinful Suzi, as well as having worked on Vampirella and more eye catching covers for other publishers than I can name here.  Most recently he’s illustrated a comic called Harley Quinn…perhaps you’ve heard of it?

jdhern200Christopher Herndon

helped burden the pop culture with the zombie apocalypse notion with his groundbreaking book “Living With Zombies”  nearly a decade ago. Has illustrated teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles and a bunch of other stuff. He currently illustrates Terra Tempo.

jddr200Dan Royer

Ghastly Awards Founder, editor, award winning online reviewer/podcaster.

jder200Erika Rolbiecki

Colorist for Arsenic Lullaby and Valiant comics!

perplexedDouglas Paszkiewicz

Writer and Illustrator on Arsenic Lullaby, Valiant comics, Mad Magazine and other stuff.

The key to getting through the Holiday’s is to stay busy…so color something. 


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