Arsenic Lullaby meets professional wrestling

Been waiting to show this one off for a little while now A little background first. Headlocked is a comic book about wrestling, making it in wrestling, working your way up, tales of trials and tribulations. or as they put it “A gritty drama chronicling a boy’s journey through the… Continue reading

Captain Marvel- since when does “Diversity” mean a white blonde with a flat ass gets the lead?

…You know, I really didn’t think this would bother me as much as it is. I didn’t think it would bother me at all in fact. It could be it’s the continually cold, bleak, gray unending winter suffocating me, making me want to lash out…but THIS is NOT Captain Marvel… Continue reading

AOC comic book…can you see the forest or are the trees in the way?

Some of you people don’t know a win when you see one. In case you missed it last week, Devil’s Due Entertainment made a new comic book available for stores to order, featuring AOC. There was much arguing about it, her, and the concept, among the comic book world where… Continue reading

And THAT is how you tell a joke to a kid

I drew up this one page Casper comic…it’s a parody, not really aimed at kids, BUT in structure it is a fine example of storytelling for a kid..first the gag, then I’ll explain… Alright, now lemme explain how this is a great joke for kids… IN STRUCTURE. That specific joke,… Continue reading

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