Stopping the Comic Book crash of 2020- LEARN YOUR CRAFT

I’ve been trying to warn the comic book industry, for about nine months now, that a crash is on the way if they don’t get their asses in gear and do as much as they can to capitalize on the current popularity of comic book properties…before that ends.  And I… Continue reading

#Metoo is for everyone, right? Because I seem to have a problem on my hands

This is a rare blog where it is probably actually going to be helpful. I am not going to lie here, that helpfulness is a by-product. This is grounded in being self-serving. I, specifically, have a problem. And I don’t know what I am supposed to do about it. This… Continue reading

Cover Gallary/Timeline as A.L. has reached 1000 pages

Arsenic Lullaby has been around for awhile and is independently published (by me), and seeking out back issues and figuring out the order of them something people torture themselves with. So…I have laid out every cover (not including reprints or collections) in the order they came out! Follow along and… Continue reading

Obscure and not good enough

We were having all kind of trouble with the website for the last month or so…but we’ve switched webhosts and we are BACK up and running again…here we go.. My desk, sketchbooks, and folders are filled with stories and gags that for one reason or the other haven’t seen the… Continue reading

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