The dust has settled/Comic-con International verdict

(pics at bottom) “amid all chaos there is calculation” Lorde “we don’t need luck, we have talent” Steve Dahl Comic-Con International.  150,000 plus people. A convention center 7 city blocks long, three city blocks deep, full of every publisher, video game company, t.v. network, movie studio, and toy company even… Continue reading

HOLY SH*T KIDS! COMICS! or The road to Comic-con International part3

HOLY SH*T KID! COMICS! or The road to Comic-con International Part 3 We’ve already gone over how less and less of Comic-Con International has anything to do with actual comic books, and how, at our booth anyway, we would be drawing a line in the sand and focusing on our… Continue reading

Filthy Imperialsitic redcoats and Comic-con International

 The road to Comic-con International part 2 By now many of you who are NOT going to the big con are just about as tired of hearing about it as seeing posts about the confederate flag or hearing about the fate of Kaytlin Jenner’s dick. Well, all I can say… Continue reading

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