snapped off another bolt.

In some ways my job is very different then other people’s jobs,...

31st Aug

Time to meet the public— Fall convention schedual

This kid’s parents really show be keeping a closer eye on him...

13th Aug

Suicide emergency instructions

  I know you’re out there I’ve been were you’re at or...

11th Aug

damn it.

It’s not often I am shocked or left with out words.  I...

09th Aug

Two sides to every story (follow up one the palmotti rant from yesterday)

Well, yesterday I told you about a FB post from one Jimmy...

06th Aug

Attention fellow illustrators…grow up.

I go home and I think about you, and I laugh I...

05th Aug

career advice

The cream forces itself to the top. I’ve been a writer and...

04th Aug

Marvel finally butchers something I liked…

Up to now I have been able to watch with glee as...

01st Aug