Not everyone who seems to be on your side is actually helpful

When we last left our hero, he was explaining the abject short sighted stupidity of bootleg prints. That blog here- And because the wordpress/blog page is on a new platform that I haven’t worked the bugs out of yet, and didn’t have the “disable comments” thing turned on for a… Continue reading

In defense of Gal Gadot – I guess “girl power” cheers stop when money is involved?

Some of you people don’t know a hero when you see one. I’m going to do something here that goes against every fiber of my being…I’m going to defend the price actors and actresses charge for autographs.  Second only to cosplayers who narcissistically stop dead in the middle of an… Continue reading

Bootleg prints, dumb with a capital “D”

Bootleg prints, dumb with a capital “D” For those of you who have not been to a comic book convention…I’ll give you a real quick lay of the land of a typical mid-sized con.  You got your celebrity guests, some washed up, some still famous, usually against the back wall. … Continue reading

One last Con this year!…and how the previous one went

One more f*cking convention…just one more…I can do it. The last chance to see me at a con this year is Rhode Island Comic-con Nov.10-12!  Rhode island is a state I guess…I’ll be honest, my geography isn’t real good once you get to the upper east coast.  Is it a… Continue reading

People hit with chairs at Dragon Con

These Comic-cons, they can get sketchy at times I saw some news stories about chairs being thrown from the tenth floor of a hotel during Dragon Con.  The chairs hit two women, one dressed as Loki. The police, at the time I’m writing this, had no one in custody. So,… Continue reading

Your honor, Doug would never do that…

I have three Comic-con appearances stacked up for the fall…and there seems to be a big problem with the last one. First things first, here they are Cincinnati Comic Expo Sept-22-24th Grand Rapids Comic-con Oct. 20- 22nd Rhode Island Comic Con Nov. 10-12th So…that last one…there’s an issue. And that… Continue reading

Comic-Con International recap

Comic-Con International 2017 A bunch of stuff happened, it was all a blur. The end. You do the extra ordinary enough times and it feels ordinary…sort of.  The whole CCI experience includes months of getting ready, months of ten hour or longer days, months of not enough sleep, usually a… Continue reading

Don’t bring a lightsaber to a gunfight

See this this guy? No that’s not the guy from pawn Stars, that’s a guy who was taken down and arrested at Phoenix Comic-con this weekend.  He had on his person several handguns and a shotgun, some knifes and who knows what else.  Depending on where you get your story… Continue reading

Gettin’ paid and Gettin’ laid.

In just a few short weeks you’ll be able to come and see me at the MSP Comicon. and that is the ONLY time you can see me this spring.  I won’t be at any other conventions or and any FCDB events.  I’m f*kcing busy junior.  I ain’t got time… Continue reading

Comicdom Con 2017

This weekend is Greece’s Comic book convention. COMICDOM CON I’ve been to it, I’m not going to go over the whole thing again right now, but if you would like to know what I thought of the show and how it compares to shows in the U.S.A. that blog is… Continue reading