Hardwick vs Dykstra- With all that has come to light, I’d now call this pretty cut and dried….

It’s now been a couple of week since Chris Hardwick had his tv shows pulled from AMC, over accusations of sexual abuse, by his ex girlfriend Chloe Dykstra…since then..much has happened. To begin with the headlines all said that his ex wrote an essay naming him as a sexual and… Continue reading

To victims of abuse, you can come forward. Do not concern yourself with Chloe Dykstra

    I’m speaking to victims of sexual abuse now, the rest of you can pay attention if you wish to, but I am speaking to them. You may have noticed the Chloe Dykstra/ Chris Hardwick Accusation fiasco playing out. None of that is anything to you.  You have a… Continue reading

Hardwick is not certainly not displaying any tendencies of an abuser

Earlier this week I gave you my thoughts on the sexual abuse allegations directed at Chris Hardwick by Chloe Dykstra. They are HERE The story has continued. A video from Chloe Dykstra has been dug up ,by someone else, from just after the surgery she describes in her blog/accusation on… Continue reading

The FBI caught a terrorist on my block…yes, for real.

  I got quite a few responses to my blogs about a pending comic book crash and how to prevent it, some agreed, some disagreed.  However many where tired of hearing about the comic book industry.  Sigh…Fine…back to what a lowlife I am. ISIS agent caught by FBI in my… Continue reading

Hardwick is accused of sexual assault…okay, let’s be the judge

I understand the world we live, you can’t fight the ocean. So here are the obligatory opening statements. 1-I know a thing or two about sexual abuse.  I spent a night with a woman crying in my arms who was the victim of sexual assault, because Lord help her I… Continue reading

Here’s my problem with Gay Pride month.

I’m gonna tell you something right now, the next time I have some important thing that needs to be negotiated…I’m gonna make sure a LBGT person is doing it for me.  Because how in the blue hell do you get to have JUNE?  That’s like the best month.  Black people… Continue reading

Hey, comic book stores…GameStop is now a gateway drug -Stopping the Comic book crash of 2020

***to my readers who dgaf about the comic book industry who I can already hear moaning that I am on my second blog in a row about it, forfeiting a blog about some funny/horrific thing that happened to me or sneak previews of my own book, and are wondering why… Continue reading

The great comic book crash of 2020

***I know a good portion of you DGAF about the comics industry, or any comic other than mine (bless your hearts,) but you might still find this interesting…like watching a train approach a collapsed bridge** The great comic book crash of 2020 For those of you who have forgotten how… Continue reading

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