Yes…I assure you this is real

This Saturday I…world class illustrator and publisher of Arsenic Lullaby…will be bestowing my vast knowledge of the comic book industry to students at Loyola University of Chicago IL.   This event is open to the public (that means you).  I hear there will be pizza…not sure if the pizza is for… Continue reading

X-mass bomb shelter is OPEN!

For just a couple of months a year we open the door to our holiday bomb shelter…follow this link to hide, hate, and dread the holidays safely behind our double reinforced concrete cynicism.  The are blogs, podcasts, and comics, that while related to the holidays…involve no cheer what so ever.… Continue reading

This Saturday I bestow my wisdom on students of Loyola University

This Saturday I…world class illustrator, and publisher of Arsenic Lullaby…will be bestowing my vast knowledge of the comic book industry to students at Loyola University of Chicago IL.   I forgot to ask if this is for students only or if anyone can show up.  Below is a link to the… Continue reading

Indy publishers and people who are sick of the holidays…read this.

Two links of note this week….first THIS one from “bleeding cool news” on of the biggest Comic book and pop culture related websites…a summary of what you all accomplished on/with our kickstarter campaign.  This is especially important to stores and indy publishers (if you know some, pass it along) , but will… Continue reading

Kickstarter blog 11- EAT IT …the WHOLE BAG…eat.

EAT IT …the WHOLE BAG…eat. or Why the final moments matter. I have been publishing a vile, dark despicable comic book for over ten years independently. I have been posting brutally honest blogs for around five years. Needless to say I have pissed a lot of people off. I good percentage of… Continue reading

I can defend all of my outbursts with this outburst.

I’m a person part 48 in a series or Maybe you don’t understand what I do here. The internet being what it is, I am always getting new people stumbling onto my blog, who have apparently read nothing like it before. I am a writer and illustrator and I am… Continue reading

Kickstarter blog 9- oh i’m sorry does it seem like I am one an emotional rollercoaster.

It’s been a long month… or You get the entertainment you DESERVE Allow me to vent would you. I am so pissed right now I can barely see straight. Four weeks ago I told you Arsenic Lullaby was about to go away forever, the A.L. website got more traffic than… Continue reading

What the hell is “Kickstarter” anyway?

The orders placed through stores for Arsenic Lullaby “The Big Stall” have been cancelled….if you ordered through a comic book store, that order is NOT coming. Arsenic Lullaby “the Big Stall” has been launched on Kickstarter. Fine, just as long as I get the next issue of A.L. Now,… Continue reading

…actually…maybe you shouldn’t vote

When politics is inevitable you might as well lay back and enjoy it or advice for the politically annoyed I am going to tell you something no almost no one is saying. If you don’t know much about politics …don’t vote. Not this time. It is NOT your duty to… Continue reading