Kickstarter blog 11- EAT IT …the WHOLE BAG…eat.

EAT IT …the WHOLE BAG…eat.


Why the final moments matter.

I have been publishing a vile, dark despicable comic book for over ten years independently. I have been posting brutally honest blogs for around five years. Needless to say I have pissed a lot of people off. I good percentage of them think I’m a jerk, ironically, NOT because I am a jerk, but because I don’t take anyones crap. I didn’t when I was starting, I didn’t after I had some clout, And I didn’t four weeks ago when it looked like my career was over. It’s not in me to avoid hitting back, often times even when hitting back is foolish. Lost in all this recent turmoil may have been me walking away from Mad magazine after five years. I won’t get into the ins and outs of that incident, suffice to say it is a good example of how I don’t particularly care who thinks I am a jerk, as long as I can justify my actions and reactions to myself.   So a good percentage of people who think I’m a jackass, think that because I didn’t put up with THEIR jackassness. Someone comes along and tries to “big time me” (passive aggressively pointing out who is a bigger deal) and I tell them to eat a bag of dicks (figuratively speaking) and they decide I am the jackass. It happened a lot more in the beginning of my career then it does now, possibly because of the tales of me telling people to eat a bag of dicks being prevalent.

Needless to say there where quite a few people letting me know they were looking forward to dancing on my grave. Fast forward to now, the kickstarter program we launched as a last-ditch effort to save this book…has roughly DOUBLED THE NEEDED GOAL. DOUBLED. Just under two days left now, and I would like to stress that we should not let up. “Perception is nine/tenths or reality” I forget who said that. But four weeks ago the perception was that Arsenic Lullaby was dead in the water…turned out that was the furthest thing from the truth. But these people…will be trying to sooth their own egos by searching, rationalizing…some way, some detail that will allow them to diminish our victory here. The only one left for them would be any “perception” that we petered out at the end…that maybe every last A.L. fan was accounted for and there is only a few drops left out there. I want our last to days to big… BIG. I don’t even mean dollar wise, I mean I want people going there and pledging like the day it started so they see that it wasn’t petering out at all, it was just revving up. I don’t want us to walk away with a victory calmly like good sports, I want us to run up the score. I want them to eat a bag of dicks. We have placed the bag of dicks in thier lap already. Now lets force them to eat it. EAT THAT BAG OF DICKS MUTHER FUCKER. THE WHOLE BAG…no salt, no ranch dressing just you and the bag of dicks. EAT. Oh no…not at home…HERE…EAT THE BAG OF DICKS HERE…where everyone can see. Your friends, the girl you like…everyone…eat the bag of dicks while everyone watches you and laughs. Look everyone look how much he luuuuuves eating dicks. Do they taste good? hmm? YOU MUTHER FUCKER. LAUGH IN my FACE will you?! Who’s laughing now?!

I’m sorry, does it seem like I’m enjoying this too much? Am I showing poor character here? I imagine this is what it would be like if you saw someone bullying your child, and instead of crying for a teacher, your kid kicked him in the nuts and then curb stomped him. STOMP THAT MUTHER FUCKER…stomp him! STOMP HIM AGAIN!!! now…STEP ON THE TEETH…make him watch you crush the teeth that came out!

Anyhoo, If we could all just jam our foot to the floor for the last day or so…it’ll be cathartic for me.


As advice is to send out some samples and let the work speak for itself. Or maybe that’s just what works for me because when I talk it usually works against me.


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