My name’s not “dogg” it’s MR.Paszkiewicz

Big Timing- Passive aggressively pointing out that you are more important than the person you are interacting with. They say, if someone else’s behavior drives you nuts it’s because it is either just like you behave, or the exact opposite. Self serving and self aggrandizing acts annoy the sh*t out… Continue reading

I need a minute to get my arms around this thing.

See that that up there? Those are stats on viewers of this blog coming from facebook.  I’ve already addressed what a worthless pain in the ass FB has become due to continually changing algorithm (most recent blog on that here).  An algorythm meant to increase their value to advertisers/value to… Continue reading

This a-hole wants how much?

Since, it would be legally impertinent, to rant about what I’d like to rant about right now, I’m going to complain about something else I have been putting off complaining about. One of the great screws of being an Illustrator or an artist is how much good supplies cost.  Even… Continue reading

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