Well, that’s just great…I lost a friend Comics Interviewer Bill Baker Dies, Aged 55 ESCANABA – William M. Baker, 55, of 505 S. 15th St., Escanaba, passed away Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014, at his home of natural causes. Funeral arrangements for William M. Baker are incomplete with the Crawford Funeral… Continue reading

2014 Convention and signing schedual

  2014 CONVENTION AND SIGNING DATES…MORE TO COME…. UPDATED APRIL 5TH (SCROLL DOWN) I know what you’re thinking…You’re thinking will I be lucky enough to have Douglas Paszkiewicz world class illustrator and writer of the darkest dark humor come and shoot his big mouth off in my town?!  Will I… Continue reading

“we’re gonna have to put a little overtime in on this one”

This job was a lot easier when I wasn’t as good at it. I’ve been going around and around trying to hammer out a cover for the next book featuring Voodoo Joe.  I came up with some decent ideas but nothing that was great.  It’s like…according to the 10,000 hours… Continue reading

I don’t know why you people put up with this sh*t

Illustrating a comic book means telling a story with words and pictures. The better someone is at this the  better they are using words, pictures, and panels…and camera angles, vanishing points, backgrounds, panel composition and overall page composition…and about a dozen other tools, to making a compelling story that draws… Continue reading

sex and the ancient world

still struggling to come up with a new cover.  In between throwing away Ideas I have been working on commissions, while various documentaries play in the background.  I started out with some sort of monsterquest type show with a couple of dopes trying to find a giant spider in the… Continue reading

Wizard world 2014…it ain’t any better but there’s more of it.

“gee , doesn’t THAT look like fun?” Years ago I had to write these blogs and shoot my mouth off and hope people understood in order to survive, and to be completely honest, as scary as it was, it was also fun. .  Nowadays with a considerably more formidable resume… Continue reading

Misc. work…

Not much to complain about right now so I thought I’d just throw up a few things I’m working on / recently finished.  There’s more but this is all I felt like scanning…disgusted with the rest right now. Here’s a small Flamming Carrot commission…remember If you want a commission NOW… Continue reading

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