INKTOBER 2017 inking contest

Just for the hell of it, last you I did an inktober inking contest…people liked it. So, what the hell, let’s do it again. I picked out some Arsenic Lullaby illustrations of varying degrees of difficulty and each with different challenges. You can play to your strong suits or try… Continue reading

Capturing the imagination

Capturing the imagination There is a “method” of laying out a comic book page (I put “method” in quotation marks because it really isn’t…it’s a lazy, ignorant way of doing things) that I see taught (by lazy ignorant people who don’t understand what is good about a comic book) where… Continue reading

in the age of dinosaurs I used to color this way

I got a package in the mail the other day that maybe you’ll find interesting. It was from Mad Magazine(remember them?).  They are “moving their offices” (cough cough see blog here cough) and they are returning artwork they still had to their respective illustrators.   Even when I started most people… Continue reading

This is a “load bearing” joke

Not much to report this week. I’m working on the first issue of new series of The Tick, among other things.  But they’ll more to report and show off on that later. For now let’s look at a new Arsenic Lullaby comic, and I’ll give you some behind the scenes… Continue reading

You call this a brush?! (explicit language warning)

This is the kind of inking I do (below).  It’s delicate work.  You need the right tool for the job. For this I used a Windsor Newton series 7 no.0 (for every single line). I was very specific on what brush, because I use a very specific brush.  The series… Continue reading

Dutch Comic-Con Part 3 in a series -Making the Exclusive

Part 3 – Making the Exclusive Info on Dutch Xmas Con HERE When we last left our hero he had surveyed the landscape of previous Dutch Comic-Cons and judged them to be serious business. These people know how to put on a Comic-con, and the people who go appear to… Continue reading

This a-hole wants how much?

Since, it would be legally impertinent, to rant about what I’d like to rant about right now, I’m going to complain about something else I have been putting off complaining about. One of the great screws of being an Illustrator or an artist is how much good supplies cost.  Even… Continue reading

Mother Hyrda and… am I a hypocrite?

MOTHER HYDRA THE SEA MONKEY? Every once in awhile I draw something and when I’m done think to myself  “what the hell did I just draw?”…even at this stage of my sordid career. Awhile back MonsterWax had me do up some sketch cards as bonuses to be inserted randomly in… Continue reading

Your wasted imagination

You can draw anything you can think of, why aren’t you? I have been in the comic book industry a long time ( too long) and I have seen many upsetting and disappointing trends (too many). There is a recent trend though that is making my stomach turn. It is… Continue reading

In defense of Liefeld

With hashtag= traffic fantasy bloggers live in and the Deadpool movie about to come out, it isn’t much of a shock I saw a blog recently bashing Rob Liefeld’s comic book illustration abilities.  As the movie gets closer we’ll probably be seeing them daily, from people trying to get traffic to… Continue reading