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Douglas Paszek

The writer and Illustrator of the independent comic book Arsenic Lullaby.

Mike Bobbit

Mike is a comedian from Detroit who recently moved to L.A. to cross swords, and make his bones as a gen-you-wine Hollywood writer.

Dave The Black Guy

Dave is a comedian from Milwaukee, one time comic book store owner, and sometime actor.

Josh Goguen

Josh Goguen is a comedian who has performed in NY, Philly, NC, and a bunch of other places. He is also helped produce the Arsenic Lullaby pilot cartoon, did some of a voice acting.

someone find this kid in four years and send her this letter.

Trying a new tool. If you have already subscribed, you do not...

26th Feb

This weeks Blog from Dave The Black Guy- Linda Carter vs. Kim Kardashian

  Linda Carter vs. Kim Kardashian I love old TV shows. Classics...

25th Feb
dave bio

prior to contrary belief…waking up at noon don’t mean you don’t work a lot

I live above a print shop and the guys down there always...

25th Feb
TDOFhell wash done online

fine, here’s your podcasts

Because you people just luuuuuuuve the stuff I do that I don’t...

22nd Feb

Comic-con conventions schedule so far

ARSENIC LULLABY 2015 TOUR (cities and dates so far…more to come) Good...

18th Feb
vamp pin RFC bigmoon

This weeks blog from Dave The Black Guy- Snowmageddon and the mob mentality

Snowmageddon and the mob mentality So the East Coast has had a...

17th Feb
dave bio

The Walking Dumb or who you’d REALLY want on your side

“… but what he does have is a particular set of skills…”...

15th Feb

You can’t swing a cartoon fetus on social media without hitting us.

I have finally ( for now) decided to make an actual effort...

14th Feb

You are missing everything that’s good in life!

If you don’t like this video…I just don’t know what I can...

09th Feb
doug and hitler

Walking Dead Spoiler Feb 8th

!!SPOILER ALERT!! The show starts with an open field full of zombies…after...

08th Feb
twd carol