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the day I frightened a child

Trying a new tool. If you have already subscribed, you do not...

28th Jan

A history Lesson or THAT is why we have Manga

 I haven’t been getting out much.  I have been drawing with Band...

25th Jan

This weeks Blog from Josh Goguen- the new Terminator is going to suck

We are proud to present the fourth of the four horsemen of...

22nd Jan
josh think

amazing life hack, historical fact, video you gotta see, cartoon character, quiz dating advice! woooo!

Every time I turn on the internet I hate it more.  What...

21st Jan

You must be new here…no capons allowed

Dumber, narcissistic , capons.   Facebook is making us dumber, I’m convinced...

20th Jan

This weeks blog from Dave the Black Guy- a tale of midgets and monkeys

Money, Money, Money, Money! So the lotteries were both above a hundred...

20th Jan
dave bio

pro tip. drawing nothing is very underrated

Lost in the splash pages and action shots of up and coming...

16th Jan
TDOF apac van points

what you need to know to see my big mouth in your town this Convention season

***UPDATE***  first three comic con appearance confirmations. Comic Con International Cincinnati Comic...

12th Jan

This weeks Blog from Dave the black guy – the final solution for terrorists

  Evil has no sense of humor I was going to write...

10th Jan
dave bio

the rest of you, try to understand …nobody got shot over a cartoon.

I would FIRST off like you to all stop making fools out...

09th Jan