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the only thing that stands between you and the shreiking nothingness…

Trying a new tool. If you have already subscribed, you do not...

12th Nov

Krampus print and coloring contest

KRAMPUS PRINT (coloring contest info at bottom)   I dunno about you...

17th Dec
kramp1kids color dipped

10,000 to 36 or cosplayers the vocal majority

My column for this week at for Comic Related is at the...

17th Dec

Dave vs Human Resources

This weeks Blog from Dave the Black Guy! Inhuman and UN-Resourceful Who...

11th Dec

This weeks Podcast – I decide suicide is too much hassle

This weeks Podcast is up!  You can listen below or go to...

10th Dec
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  Along with comics, blogs and other anti-holiday related content, we have...

06th Dec

Historical douchebags

I’ve kinda been feeling lately…not so much like I’m in a rut,...

05th Dec

Thanksful vs Unthankful

This week’s blog from Dave the Black Guy !     Reasons...

05th Dec
dave bio

The time I saw a ghost…on X-mas.

***This is a “best of” blog from a previous Christmas.  For Holiday...

30th Nov

The Walking Dead VS the 80’s

    I suppose the people of The Walking Dead SEEM pretty badass...

30th Nov
TWD carl fin

reaching the level of your own incompetence

“reaching the level of your own incompetence” or How the hell am...

28th Nov