For the sake of that show, Rick needs to be the one who dies.

Rick SHOULD be the one who dies. Now that the sting has worn off the craptastic season finale of TWD, let’s stop , put our writing hats on, and look this thing over. Someone died.  In the comic book it was Glenn, but that don’t mean much since Carol died… Continue reading

never assume/new ARSENIC LULLABY BOOK

The two Wizard World shows were fine.  The people running them were very hospitable.  More on that some other time.  Right now though, because I spent two weekends in a row at comic-cons, I have some plugging to do. The new collection of Arsenic Lullaby is finally in the Previews… Continue reading

The two things that ruined TWD finale for me

How far did you have to chase the mannequin for that leather jacket? Okay, I’m going to skip all the plot holes and idiotic behavior of the characters.  We all realized long ago that if we want to keep watching this show, we have to accept the world they created…we… Continue reading

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