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The two Wizard World shows were fine.  The people running them were very hospitable.  More on that some other time.  Right now though, because I spent two weekends in a row at comic-cons, I have some plugging to do.

The new collection of Arsenic Lullaby is finally in the Previews Catalogue.  That is a phone book sized catalogue that all the comic book stores order from.  That means right NOW is when you should be telling your store you want it.  Do not assume they will order it on their own…like I said it is in a catalogue with pretty much every other comic book there is, under those conditions even Arsenic Lullaby can get missed.

What you normally get from the Distributor as far as promotion is a postage stamp sized picture of the cover and a paragraph summary in the catalogue.  That makes you a needle in a stack of needles, but you can’t really blame them, they are dealing with 300-600 different comic books a month.  Arsenic Lullaby gets a bit more help than that because…frankly it’s earned a little more help.  Award Nominations, appearances in Mad Magazine, and on Comedy Central, as well as a solid track record, and most importantly…longevity.  The Distributor does spotlight a handful of books each month and Arsenic Lullaby is a solid choice to highlight.  That all helps, THEORETICALLY.  If I have learned one thing though in publishing a comic book, you should leave nothing to chance. 

That’s why all my normal social media outlets, that usually contain me complaining, in my own charming, insightful and hilarious way…have been superseded by constant plugs for the new book.  And why this weeks blog is more of that.

Publishing independently is a constant fight for survival against publishers with literally millions of dollars to spend on promotion.

So , if you like the book, the blogs, the rants, and all the other things we do under the umbrella of the Arsenic Lullaby Brand…you’ll want to MAKE SURE, that your local comic book store orders the new issue.  To be sure, you have to go in and tell them to order it, or at the very least send them an email.

I cannot stress that enough.  If you have never seen the catalogue stores order from, it is literally two inches thick…even stores that love the book and have many readers who are fans of A.L. come through their doors, can easily miss it if they don’t get a heads up about it.

TDOFpostcard front

ARSENIC LULLABY “The Devil’s Only Friend”
(W/A/CA) Douglas Paszkiewicz
Direct from its second appearance on Comedy Central, the dark humor cult-favorite returns with a brand-new edition of despicable stories you’ll be ashamed you laughed at. A witch Doctor living in the suburbs and his zombie fetus army attempts to train his replacement in the ways of revenge; Cthulhu oversleeps and misses the Apocalypse; a demon attempts to use an Ouija board to find a better life “upstairs” only to discover earth is full of crackpots. All these, plus many more funny, and awful stories!

HERE IS ONE OF THE  PAGES OF THE WELL GAURDED VOODOO JOE STORY (no words or color in this sample,but you get the idea.  He is just as you remember him)


It is very good. 

This link has samples and info for you.  By all means share any samples you find there.

Here’s other links

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recent interview

If you would like to interview me or review the book contact me at

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