The time I saw a ghost…on X-mas.

***This is a “best of” blog from a previous Christmas.  For Holiday related blogs and podcasts from the past ( and by Holiday related we mean Douglas complaining during the months of December and November)  go to our X-mas Bunker  at this link***   The Ghost of Christmas rubbish… Continue reading

The Walking Dead VS the 80’s

    I suppose the people of The Walking Dead SEEM pretty badass to a bunch of uncultured millennials.  But how do they measure up against some REAL badasses.  We give to you The Walking Dead VS the 80’s Imagine them, head to head, in neutral territory.  Two men enter one… Continue reading

reaching the level of your own incompetence

“reaching the level of your own incompetence” or How the hell am I supposed to draw this? A friend of mine coined that phrase for a situation he ran into early in his career as a restaurant manager.  He had risen quickly and managed to rise to a job he… Continue reading

I don’t think she’s gonna take much more of this guff…

  If you’ll recall, I have been listening to a young hip college type radio station, I have committed to this to the point of…giving them my email address so I can get their newsletter! I got one yesterday…and felt obligated to reply.  Here is the conversation so far- (also… Continue reading

Dave’s take on Bill Cosby

No that’s not a typo, I meant “Dave” and not “Doug”.   When I said earlier this month that this website is now your online destination, I meant it.  The blogs are going to come fast and furious, the podcasts are returning, and videos are on the way.  For all this… Continue reading

Yeah yeah…Happy Birthday to me…

Thanks to Social Media , when my birthday  is , is no secret.  I don’t know how everyone else does it, but when you have several thousand “friends” on FB…your  wall turns into a giant stream on “happy birthdays” all of which I feel obligated to thank or I feel… Continue reading

And THAT is how you make a comic book page…

Douglas Paszkiewicz is a veteran of the comic book industry, having done work for Image comics, Mad magazine, Topps Mars Attacks, and is best known for his self published, Eisner Award Nominated, Harvey Award Nominated, Comicdon (Europe) Award nominated, dark humor , cult favorite Arsenic Lullaby.  Outside of comics he… Continue reading

Recent interview- what subject do I avoid and why

  Here’s a link to a just released interview.  Among other riveting questions – what subjects do I stay away from.  Believe it or not , there are a few.   Continue reading

Young people…FEH!

see this?!   it’s a sticker for a hip college  kid type radio station…I’m hip, and “with it”.  I listen to local underground music, not top 40 nonsense like you old people!  I’m DONE with people my age.  I tried it.  I tried hanging around and surrounding myself with people… Continue reading

…and THAT… was the last shred of patience I had.

Before I start my complaining, let me remind you all that NOW is when you should tell your local comic book store to order the new Arsenic Lullaby Collection ( or order it at an online store)  everything you need to know on that is here now then It’s funny…the… Continue reading

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