I don’t think she’s gonna take much more of this guff…



If you’ll recall, I have been listening to a young hip college type radio station, I have committed to this to the point of…giving them my email address so I can get their newsletter!

I got one yesterday…and felt obligated to reply.  Here is the conversation so far- (also note that the black bar over the guys face was added by me to put on this blog without getting into too much trouble.)


From: douglaspasz
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 5:02 AM
To: francesca@radiomilwaukee.org
Subject: RE: 88Times: Member E-Newsletter! {Vol. 23}


Dear 88NINE,


While I was happy to get the sticker and enjoy getting your e-mail newsletter, I must point out the following-

Image, in music and radio, is very important.  For example, I listen to 88.9 partially because I like the music, but also to convince myself I am not old and out of touch.  Imagine my chagrin when I scrolled through the newsletter and saw THIS


Eisenhower’s dad in a poorly fitting 88.9 shirt. “Dennis” as he is referred to, was in of all places, Fort Lauderdale.  Perhaps you have not been there, so take my word for it…the only thing in the whole city under 75 years old is the sod on the golf courses…and the waiters.  This is the town old people flee to in the winter and learn how to drive slowly with one blinker on and stare blankly at the touch pad at the self service register.  Looks like he’s having the time of his life there though…with the three whole people at the pool ( one asleep or dead, and two leaving)…four if you count whoever is taking the picture because there is no way that guy knows how to work a digital camera.  It’s probably some Cuban stripper who’s going to grift him for every dime he has.  She’ll start by trying to manipulate him with her beauty and overt sexual innuendos…but soon realize that just pretending to be his grand daughter is more effective.  That’s my fellow listener to 88.9?  Great.   I might as well go back to listening to the oldies station and just tell people I am listening too it “ironically”.  That is at least more believable than this guy being able to relate to anything Lorde sings…except maybe that gladiator song…you know…because he was around when there were gladiators.  Yesterday was my birthday…well happy birthday to me, I listen to the same radio station as Orville Redenboacher.


Thanks for ruining my day.


I’ll see you all in hell.


Douglas Paszkiewicz


——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: 88Times: Member E-Newsletter! {Vol. 23}
From: Francesca Kempfer <francesca@radiomilwaukee.org>
Date: Tue, November 25, 2014 10:28 am
To: douglaspasz
Hello Douglas,

Please understand that much like our diverse music programming, our Members are also very diverse. That includes age. You’ll notice a variety of faces in the “Be Heard” section of our E-newsletter.

Thank you,



I’m not sure what I expected the response to be…but it wasn’t that.  Cuban Strippers, Eisenhower, Does she not get that I’m yanking her chain?  and if she doesn’t…what is the point in responding to an email like that?  She must be some Poli ScI major or something and practicing for a public relations gig.  BUT…as long as she’s playing ball…might as well see how long it goes on, it’s not costing me a stamp or anything.


Date: Tue, Nov 25, 2014 9:59 pm
To: “Francesca Kempfer” <francesca@radiomilwaukee.org>


Hello Francesca,

You may be a victim of being too close to the situation to have proper perspective.  88.9 may sound diverse to your well trained ear, but when you break it down, by and large your programming consists of twenty something kids whining about some disastrous relationship or another.  This is a situation I can relate to, however when someone my age whines about a bad relationship he just seems like someone who can’t get his act together or grow the hell up….so I turn to 88.9 were I can live vicariously through youthful artists whining about one gutwrenching situation after another.  Seeing the octogenarian also listening to your fine station not only destroys the warm enabling service you provide, it robs me of all hope.  I could, up to this point, depend on the wisdom of age to eventually save me from such angst…if not from angst causing situations.  This gentleman being able to somehow relate means that age alone will not help me and that I am doomed.  Will I one day be some weird elderly guy at a hotel pool imagining whatever snub I received at bingo from some blue haired tart is parallel with whatever tale of woe some college kid is droning on about? I hadn’t even considered the possibility until your newsletter.  I am sorry I ever opened the email.

Also please play more Lorde.

Douglas Paszkiewicz



…I’ll let you know if I get another response.

In the meantime…pester your comic book stores to order my book.  details here


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