reaching the level of your own incompetence

“reaching the level of your own incompetence”


How the hell am I supposed to draw this?

A friend of mine coined that phrase for a situation he ran into early in his career as a restaurant manager.  He had risen quickly and managed to rise to a job he simply wasn’t able to handle. 

Anyways…that phrase has been hovering over me as I continue to struggle with this sumbitch.


Here is where I am left scratching my head…a victim of my own success, I have reached a level of skill where the number of people walking the earth who know more than I about vanishing points is very very few.

This link has a brief rundown on what the hell I’m talking about in case the term “vanishing point” ain’t something you use everyday…

Now, because the box and suitcase are floating and sinking in slightly different directions and not actually perpendicular or parallel  like say two walls on the same floor,  they each need a different horizon line and vanishing point.  The suitcase for example is sinking so it’s top is closer to you then it’s bottom.  Easy enough, add an extra set of points for each item.  ( I know that is tough to get your head around when I explain it with text, so just look at the pic below…if everything was on say, a floor instead of a plane that can be broken like water, everything could share the same horizon line.  once something breaks a plane though it get it’s own plane that tilts and is separate from the rest……eh, just look at the pic)




The question is the ripples in the water they create.  Should those ripples have their own vanishing points?  or because they are breaking the same plane ( water line) should their ripples share a vanishing point?!  Seems to be that they should since they are twisted away from each other   On the other hand …the objects themselves have different horizon lines because they are sinking, but that has nothing to to with the horizon line of the plane (water surface) they are sinking into.


Seems like I used to know this.  My best guess is that they all share the same horizon line as the water but different vanishing points on it…maybe…

I suppose I could just BS it, but considering all the precision that went into the rest, it seems like a shame to do that.

Someone bring Bill Everett back from the dead, he’d probably know.

oh…yeah, I was originally going to get  on here and plug the online store…  coupon code BLACKFRI gets you 20% off anything until Monday.  It’s not monday already is it?  You don’t even want to know how many man hours I have spent on this damn thing…neither do I.

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  1. I would argue that the ripples are on the surface of the water therefore the frame of reference for the perspective of the ripples would be the main vanishing point, that of the viewer/camera, on the horizon line.

    But I am far from expert.

    A comment on the box that the Vamp is in: it looks like the back of the box is below the level of the water and would not be floating in that case. Not that that matters but since you were talking precision…

  2. Dude rough it out a couple different ways. Pick what visually makes sense and go with that. Next time you’ll know. I really love and respect your work. Please check out my website and if possible can you giver an honest constructive opinion of what you think of my work. Thanks for your time either way.

  3. So far giving the each their own set of vanishing points aline the waters horizon line seems to be the way to go.

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