WHY CASPER? Those of you who follow me on social media and/or get my mass email updates, may be wondering, WHY am I spending all this time trying to get on a Casper The Friendly Ghost comic? Is this all a gag? Is it simply bullheadedness? After all, you’ve never… Continue reading

Casper …what kinda samples do I got?

I mentioned on some email updates, ( you should really sign up for those Here they have more than I post here) that I emailed American Mythology, the Company that currently publishes Casper the Friendly Ghost, that I wanted to do work on that comic. I made it as clear… Continue reading

Recent Commissions- Hulk Hogan, The Maxx and more

I’ve been on a real tear doing commissions lately. One I did recently I had the presence of mind to take progress shots of. It was a request for The Maxx. The Maxx was a pretty great indy comic that became a cartoon on MTV. I think that was in… Continue reading

H.P. Lovecraft trading card set illustrations!

A while back I teased that I was contributing some illustrations for a H.P.Lovecraft Trading card set by Monsterwax. Monsterwax is a solid company that I’ve worked with before and their head man in charge, Kurt, is a stickler for quality…and made getting the right printer for the job a… Continue reading

The Bird Box…is all about the MCU

The runaway hit on social media so far in 2019 is Netflix’s The Bird Box.   You can’t swing a dead cat without hearing about it.  And it has, in its first week alone, gotten 45 MILLION VIEWS. … … LOL! 45 Million views, huh? A horror/thriller starring Sandra Bullock wandering… Continue reading

Lemme tell you something about this turtle

Maybe it’s just my newsfeed…but I keep seeing this guy. ..he’s usually accompanied by text and such about keeping our oceans clean and not polluting. Okay…fine, great.  Me, myself, personally, I don’t give a crap if one second after I die there isn’t a single drop of clean water, breathable… Continue reading

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