Martin Scorsese looks down on Marvel movies…that’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Martin Scorsese looks down on Marvel movies…that’s the pot calling the kettle black. First, two grounding points. 1- Martin Scorsese is a brilliant film maker. 2- I think Marvel movies are by and large “okay”. After the shine wears off the apple and we all look back on them, we’ll… Continue reading

Mad magazine failed for all the reasons I told them it would

I’m doing a little dancing on the grave here, but it’s for a larger purpose. I’ve been telling you that a comic book crash is coming and what the industry as a whole needs to be doing to stop it. Mad going belly up, as I said it would five… Continue reading

Game Of Thrones “inconsistency” explained with How the Grinch Stole Christmas

not a perfect analogy, but none the less… I’m not a Game Of Thrones fan per say, I’ve watched bits and parts, it’s a well done show. I’m not big on that particular genera, but a lot of people love it and think its the greatest show ever…and that’s great… Continue reading

Making the most of Free Comic Book Day

There is a lot of good that can come of this years Free Comic Book Day, in which people can go to their local comic book shop and get one or a few free comics! FIRST…to the stores… There is an interesting window of opportunity opening now that Endgame… Continue reading

Gem City Comic Con and Mercy Sparx Cover

Two things I should mention…. 1- I will be at Gem City Comic-con April 27th and 28th!  Your first chance to see me in 2018 This is a new show for me and it’s been recommended to me and it looks pretty good. I’ll be there. My buddies Ian Nichols… Continue reading

Arsenic Lullaby meets professional wrestling

Been waiting to show this one off for a little while now A little background first. Headlocked is a comic book about wrestling, making it in wrestling, working your way up, tales of trials and tribulations. or as they put it “A gritty drama chronicling a boy’s journey through the… Continue reading

AOC comic book…can you see the forest or are the trees in the way?

Some of you people don’t know a win when you see one. In case you missed it last week, Devil’s Due Entertainment made a new comic book available for stores to order, featuring AOC. There was much arguing about it, her, and the concept, among the comic book world where… Continue reading

And THAT is how you tell a joke to a kid

I drew up this one page Casper comic…it’s a parody, not really aimed at kids, BUT in structure it is a fine example of storytelling for a kid..first the gag, then I’ll explain… Alright, now lemme explain how this is a great joke for kids… IN STRUCTURE. That specific joke,… Continue reading

Mercy Sparx final inks and drawing circles in perspective tips

I’ve been a busy fellow lately, and had to stop badgering the publishers of Casper to draw up a cover of a book that’s, shall we say “more in my wheelhouse”…Mercy Sparx! Mercy Sparx is published by Devil’s Due , they asked for me to draw up an alternative cover… Continue reading

Mercy Sparx alt. cover

Things have been getting busy around here, despite American Mythology Publishing’s mystify-ingly unwise reluctance to having me work on Casper. They are really dug in against the idea of working with me…and don’t seem to have learned anything at all from my tactics. There’s a reason I get more traction… Continue reading

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