Arsenic Lullaby X-mass bomb shelter

Every year during the holidays we open the Arsenic Lullaby X-mass bomb...

29th Nov

boo hoo hoo the Native Americans…PASS THE TURKEY.

Nothing is more tiresome than well meaning wannabe intellectuals ruining things for...

28th Nov

Funny is funny…and there are reasons.

“The key element in any attempt at humor is conflict. Our brain...

22nd Nov

Mars Attacks flagged cards

Back in late summer I was contacted by Topps and asked to...

21st Nov

philosophy in lue of working

  I have a strange memory.  When I was in first or...

18th Nov

Oh, you support “independents” do you?

so you support independent work? Arsenic Lullaby is an independently owned property....

13th Nov

In Maine…there seems to be something…missing.

My first culture shock came during my visit to Maine or You...

12th Nov

Learn from me.

This weekend I will be in Portland Maine at Coast City Comicon! ...

04th Nov