Featured Greek Illustrator -TOMEK GIOVANIS

FEATURED GREEK ILLUSTRATOR- TOMEK GIOVANIS Of all the Greek Illustrators I have and will mention…this is the one I am least looking forward to. Anytime I promote someone besides myself…it’s against my nature.  You can argue if it’s counter productive or not to promote anyone but yourself, but Tomek really… Continue reading

IDW called on to fire Sitterson for tweet

IDW publishing called on to fire Sitterson for tweet I’ll go into the backstory only briefly, because we’ve seen this a zillion times in different walks of life. If you want a more in-depth recounting on the latest person to get in trouble on twitter, you can google- Aubrey Sitterson… Continue reading

Featured Greek Illustrator! Yannis “Rubus” Rubulias

I happen to be published in Greece by the fine people at Jemma Press, and a while back I attended Athens Comic-con or Comicdom Con as it is officially named. They had an artist alley and aspiring comic book artists just like any good comic-con.  The difference I noticed…was the… Continue reading

No more TICK for me.

“exit our hero stage left.” Yes, my run on The Tick has come to a close with a grand total of one issue… “exit our hero stage right”. I’ll get into the whole fiasco later maybe, I gotta figure out how to make it entertaining…and short. Just laying everything out… Continue reading

People hit with chairs at Dragon Con

These Comic-cons, they can get sketchy at times I saw some news stories about chairs being thrown from the tenth floor of a hotel during Dragon Con.  The chairs hit two women, one dressed as Loki. The police, at the time I’m writing this, had no one in custody. So,… Continue reading

Capturing the imagination

Capturing the imagination There is a “method” of laying out a comic book page (I put “method” in quotation marks because it really isn’t…it’s a lazy, ignorant way of doing things) that I see taught (by lazy ignorant people who don’t understand what is good about a comic book) where… Continue reading

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