Featured Greek Illustrator! Yannis “Rubus” Rubulias

I happen to be published in Greece by the fine people at Jemma Press, and a while back I attended Athens Comic-con or Comicdom Con as it is officially named. They had an artist alley and aspiring comic book artists just like any good comic-con.  The difference I noticed…was the difference between each of their styles.  Most of the artists were from the same generation, of the same area of the same country and yet it seemed no two styles were the same.

and many of them were really f*cking good.

I’ve kept tabs on many of them and kept tabs on Greek illustrators in general.  It took me awhile but I’ve finally gotten around to making a feature on this page of Greek illustrators, so you can see what I mean…and to just see some really nice work from over there.

This time we have

Artist  Yannis “Rubus” Rubulias lives in Athens, Greece, where he works as a professional illustrator and comic book artist. He is the creator of the Greek award winning fantasy series “Dragonphoenix Chronicles”. He has worked for Arcana Comics (“Deadly Harvest”, “Zipper vs Dominatrix: The Slave Trade”, “The Steam Engines of Oz”), ARH ComiX (“Arhian, the Head Huntress”) and as a cover artist for various publishers. He also worked as a political cartoonist for “Vima” newspaper from 2007 to 2010.

Occasionally a film writer and actor, he has also worked as a freelancer concept artist for various products and companies. His greatest cinematic project so far is the award winning independent fantasy feature film “Dragonphoenix Chronicles : Indomitable” (2013), based on the world he created for  “Dragonphoenix Chronicles” comics. Rubus has worked for various other projects as “Mythonauts”, “Syndrome”, “Ponan the Marmarian”, “The Almighty Tycoon of the Ninjas” and many more…You can find Rubus on:





When Douglas is not here, he and his work can be found at www.arseniclullaby.com

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