Creator of TWD slams Valiant comics?…uhm…not really

(the blog is fixed!…took longer than we thought, but lets take her for a drive eh?) Robert Kirkman vs…Valiant? A “news story” popped up on my feed that I think has a couple of teachable moments to it. The story appears via a comic book “news” website, that is clickbait,… Continue reading

My TWD prediction is…Michonne

This is going to be quick and probably filled with typos, because I just realized I have like half an hour to get to my cousins to hate-watch TWD. I don’t remember who I predicted would die at the end of last season…i think I said Glenn. I am changing… Continue reading

For the sake of that show, Rick needs to be the one who dies.

Rick SHOULD be the one who dies. Now that the sting has worn off the craptastic season finale of TWD, let’s stop , put our writing hats on, and look this thing over. Someone died.  In the comic book it was Glenn, but that don’t mean much since Carol died… Continue reading

The two things that ruined TWD finale for me

How far did you have to chase the mannequin for that leather jacket? Okay, I’m going to skip all the plot holes and idiotic behavior of the characters.  We all realized long ago that if we want to keep watching this show, we have to accept the world they created…we… Continue reading

TWD spoiler Oct.25 2015

On this weeks episode of TWd- Carol having outed herself as a badass during the wolf attack decides to drop the facade and declares herself Queen of the entire town. Morgan protests and is banished…she then decides that everyone is banished and locks them all out at gunpoint, while wearing… Continue reading

TWD and Dr.Seuss

Chasing Dr.Seuss I am notorious for doing things over and wringing my hands over details.  At the level I take it , it is probably not good. HOWEVER…all you illustrators, or illustrators in the making, who have heard this while worrying about some detail -“no one is going to notice… Continue reading

walking dead spoiler march 1 2015

Through bastardization of quantum string theory and the mixing of several rare elements I have been able to intercept the broadcast of this weeks episode through a metal filling a full half and hour into the future. Here is a synopsis of this weeks show. Rick and his fellow travelers… Continue reading

The Walking Dumb or who you’d REALLY want on your side

“… but what he does have is a particular set of skills…” above are pictures of two men.  One is Rick Grimes, ex sheriff turned post end of the world throat biting, machete swinging, six gun shootin’ bad ass.  Next to him…is an assistant manager at a Walmart.  Given the… Continue reading

Walking Dead Spoiler Feb 8th

!!SPOILER ALERT!! The show starts with an open field full of zombies…after 5 minutes of an open field full of zombies the director says “cut” and sends an assistant to get the actors out of their trailers and onto the set. The actors are not in their trailers, or even… Continue reading

The Walking Dead VS the 80’s

    I suppose the people of The Walking Dead SEEM pretty badass to a bunch of uncultured millennials.  But how do they measure up against some REAL badasses.  We give to you The Walking Dead VS the 80’s Imagine them, head to head, in neutral territory.  Two men enter one… Continue reading