TWD spoiler Oct.25 2015

On this weeks episode of TWd-
Carol having outed herself as a badass during the wolf attack decides to drop the facade and declares herself Queen of the entire town. Morgan protests and is banished…she then decides that everyone is banished and locks them all out at gunpoint, while wearing a tiara that she scared the chubby kid into making, just before mocking him for making a tiara , declaring him a sissy and locking him out.
The newly banished townspeople take up residence in the back of the crashed semi. They create a hierarchy in which the lower class has to live farther away from the airholes.
The zombie horde kills Rick and his team, then goes to the town and eventually Carol is killed while reaching for her Tiara that was knocked off by zombie shrapnel as she unloaded gun after gun into the horde.
Many generations later much has been forgotten or misremembered and all of civilization looks back on Carol as there savior. Some conspiracy theorists claim she was not a hero who sacrificed herself and saved remnants of humanity by locking them safely away from danger, but a crazy broad in a paper hat. These theories are due in large part to arcane scribblings written with a stick and human feces on the inside of the now sacred semi…which for the most part could be interpreted several ways. Some diaries and writing had also been found but could not be verified and as thought to be frauds by most credible archaeologists.
From time to time a new peice of evidence would surface and drum up such talk.
Once day at the University of Carol, bob thornston was once again blathering on about the conspiracy to his teachers aid. Who finally lost his temper.
“WHO…GIVES..A..SH*T?! Honeslty?! who the f*ck cares?! It was 700 years ago, maybe she was a saint, mabye she was evil…what does it matter NOW!? If EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT WAS A COMPLETE LIE…IT DOESN’T CHANGE WHAT WE HAVE TO GET DONE BY THE END OF THE WORK WEEK. Life is what it is NOW…asshole, she could have been a winged platypus with fire for hair…would that change what we have to deal with as human beings today?! NO!”
At that point the teachers aid slams his fist on the table accidentally breaking a vial containing a newly discovered virus, he had been doing research on…..

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