TWD spoilers for ENTIRE SECOND half of season8

Remember when I used to post running spoilers of each TWD episode on FB?  That was good stuff, especially the reactions of people who didn’t get what was going on and were mortally confused.  But…I have since come to the conclusion that me providing FB content for free, when it as a platform, does nothing for me except occasionally tell me to take something down ( apparently if a cartoon monster sea creature isn’t wearing pants, it’s “nudity”) …I’ll be posting spoilers here.  It’s a bit different without the morons on FB reacting, but it allows me to get more in depth…ahem


Through means I cannot reveal without endangering the lives of those forwarded me super secret studio stuff, I have in my hands the synopsis of the ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF SEASON 8…it goes like this-

Carl does not die but begins growing a zombie head out of his wound. Over the course of a few days the zombie head grows a torso, Arms, legs and pulls itself away and wanders off. A second head grows…then torso and such and separates, this time the process is faster only takes a day. Than another than another, quicker each time.

A truce is called between the Saviors and the others so that the doctor and Eugene can look Carl over. It is determined that Carl has become a zombie portal, and they must decide if they should kill him to stop the growing tide of new zombies. having determined that his odds of nailing whats her name ( Newt? no that’s not it…the girl who ate the turtle, you know who I mean) is pretty much zero as long as zombies keep growing out of his side, votes for death. Rick must be continually reminded that he has two children.

It is decided that the new guy, who Carl got bit trying to help, must follow him around at all times killing each new zombie. Then everyone goes back to fighting, someone falls down while running and gets bit by a zombie, someone gets upset about something and leaves the group to wander around on their own. And the final scene is them finding themselves face to face with….the zombie tiger!


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