AOC comic book…can you see the forest or are the trees in the way?

Some of you people don’t know a win when you see one.

In case you missed it last week, Devil’s Due Entertainment made a new comic book available for stores to order, featuring AOC.


There was much arguing about it, her, and the concept, among the comic book world where and whenever it was brought up…and it was brought up often. OFTEN and seemingly EVERYWHERE.

It got press on all the usual comic book websites, which is good for Devil’s Due and it’s sales. It was also brought up on TMZ, CNN, ABCNEWS, INFOWARS, FORBES, The Washington Post…and hell if I can remember all of the other places…Josh Blaylock (publisher) did a radio interview in f*ck Dublin Ireland (Devil’s Due is based in Chicago)…and that is good for the ENTIRE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY.

Throw your politics, and what you think of AOC to the side for a moment. Do that and look at what the man managed to accomplish here. He made a comic book the center of attention in places that don’t normally even acknowledge their existence. AND did it with an independent comic book that has no TV show or Movie…AND he reminded the world that comic books are a MEDIUM not a GENRE. This isn’t a capes and tights super hero book…this is political subject matter and adult satire. When is the last time you saw the mainstream media get that clue?!

AND he was out their reminding the world why comic books are great… “It’s different than reading prose. It’s different than watching a movie,” Blaylock said to ABC news “It is something that happens between the panels when a talented comic book artist really knows what they’re doing, that can convey information and feelings and a story in a way that you can’t do in any other medium.”

Holy fcking sht…the man showed the world that comic books are more than DC and Marvel, more than super heroes and tights, more than action based subject matter for 14 year olds, more than a watered down version of a movie. He put in front of them an indy book, without a super hero and explained that the story being told in it, and in all other comic books, is unique in the way in which the medium let’s you tell the story.

and he did all this in venues that haven’t spoken the words “comic book” since the f*cking death of superman.

Hey…I’m a libertarian, so I think you’re ALL full of crap 90% of the time and I’ll be happy to give you a 45 minute lecture on the Federal Reserve anytime you want BUT that doesn’t stop me from marveling at, and appreciating what Josh accomplished here, nor does it stop me from seeing that what he accomplished HELPS THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY. This is some flat out MVP work he’s done.

IN the interest of full disclosure, in case anyone wants to claim I’m biased, I recently finished a cover for one of Devil’s Due Comics’s other books Mercy Sparx. HOWEVER, that project is done, and there is no royalties involved with it. I have no vested interest in it’s sales, and I have no stake in this situation what-so-ever. and I’ve spend half my career biting hands that feed me when I see fit to do so.

The bottom line is, he gave a big fat boost to the whole industry…assuming they are smart enough to know what to do with it.

I don’t know if he helped the whole industry on purpose, as a by product, or because this was in his best interest even if it helps other publishers…but I do know he helped and I’m here to say “Thank you Josh Blaylock”

Was there a better ambassador for the industry last week? Because if there was I missed it.

It’s usually a cold day in hell when I’ll plug a book I don’t have anything to do with, but let me say this to the comic book stores- ordering this book is a no-brainer.

I don’t care if you wear a MAGA hat all day long…you run a store, you have customers who have a different political point of view, maybe college age readers who are at one protest after the next, readers who are looking for something (ANYTHING) different than capes and tights, readers who like getting historical type stuff, books that are an event in an of themselves…having this book on the counter is a no brainier. and a simple “comics are for everyone” is all you need to say to people on the other side of the political isle who balk when they see it. actually…if it were ME, I’d say to them ” It’s comic book history, no reason not to own one…hell, buy a few and burn them”

Josh did a flat out amazing job for all of us with this, let’s keep that in mind…AND let’s imagine, just for a moment, if the rest of the industry was working this hard to do something different, generate publicity, and steer that publicity so that it helps the entire medium. Let’s imagine if everyone used as much energy as they did spreading the word about this (admittedly much of it was for the sake of arguing) , every week about some comic book they love. Imagine if this kind of energy was going on every month…why…we wouldn’t have to GAF if the was another super hero move made ever again.

What Josh did is what we are all supposed to be doing- causing a stir, explaining what is great about the medium and showing off our work in new places. You don’t have to get your book on the ABCnews…just go out and raise hell, continually.

“Go and do likewise”


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