Wizard…in MY backyard?! I have a solution for that…

Wizard…in MY backyard?!  I have a solution for that

I just heard the news that the blight on the comic book industry known as “wizard World” has set their sights on St.Paul and more specifically siphoning off out the MCBA convention.

PLEASE Listen carefully to what I say, I haven’t lasted 15 years self publishing without learning a thing or two about how to knee cap people trying to ride on your coat tails. I am in fact capable of being (and often am) as low down a sonova bitch as there is, and there ain’t a dirty trick I don’t know.

THIS is how it is done and I learned it from Steve Dahl…the first DJ to defeat Howard Stern in head to head ratings. Howard Stern got syndicated in Chicago and put himself up against Steve Dahl…and lost for the first time. Steve’s golden rule was never ever ever ever mention the competition…ever.  They don’t exist.

Raise hell about MCBA and MCBA only. You let Wizard do their own heavy lifting…every time you compare wizard to MNCBA you are telling people that wizard is going to be there, you are doing the advertising for them (any press is good press). NEVER MENTION THEM…

Time you spend complaining and mocking them is not only free press for them, it is time YOU SHOULD BE SPENDING TALKING UP THE MCBA SHOW. 



1-Price/free parking

2-this is a COMIC BOOK SHOW it is devoted to comic books and every table in that show is devoted to comic books, or has a comic book professional sitting there…no wasted space in the form of washed up stars demanding 40.00 for an autograph

3-It is well organized and you get in the door quickly and painlessly and the show is in a large building…you are not crammed in like sardines.

4-It has a good vibe, all the pros are in a good mood and happy to put out a little extra for the fans.

Wizard shows are disorganized, over priced, and 50% of the space is devoted to crap…and everyone knows it.  Focus on these points and you are calling them out on the carpet without mentioning them

Anyone who sees wizard is going to MN will now understand, thanks to wizard, that MN is a hospitable place…when they see us raising hell about MCBA they will see a clear choice…this way wizard is working for us instead of us working for wizard in the p.r. department.


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