The Big Stall update

The Big Stall update

The Big Stall is just about in your hands

“yeah? You said that already …where’s the update in that?”

Yeah?…we’ll see how snarky you are after you see it. Anyhoo, It’s being printed and the only delay was in the hardcover version. The first printer either gave me the wrong dimensions for a hardcover size or ( I suppose we can give them the benefit of the doubt) used a different from standard size. So I had to modify the image and basically have the printer take another pass at it…so…that sucks. Sucks bit time.

Anyhoo, it’s just about ready to go and it will ship out in waves as I put you sketches in each one.

In other news the distributor put it in their catalogue again and some stores actually took a smart pill and ordered more than last time. So I guess a few of them were paying attention. Funny, this time instead of mass emailing them a bunch of propaganda I just sent one e-mail basically saying- order it now, or don’t I don’t care- Which is a cross between “soft sell” and “go f*ck yourself”.

I will make sure of this as well, you will get your copies first. I will send out yours…and sit on the rest for a good two weeks or so. This includes any conventions …those of you who pledged on Kickstarter get your copies first. So…at C2E2 there will only be flyers explaining how to order “The Big Stall”

Along with all that I have been busy with something you will find very interesting…that I’ll tell you about later. Suffice to say without your pledges keeping this going I would have shut down the website and never gotten an email that may turn out to have been a pivotal event.

In the meantime here’s some teasers


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