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I happened to hear the news this morning and they mentioned that they still have not found the missing Malaysian jet liner, but are trying some new thing or another.  Two things come to mind every time I hear about  this story, the first is this- why doesn’t some terrorist organization just take credit for it?   Seriously, do us all a favor.  You get to sound like big shots, the Navy can stop looking, everybody wins. The second is this- as the years go by and technology advances more and more sci-fi stories from the past seem absurd and outdated. This missing airplane…that the entire world has been looking for with sonar, subs, robot, satellites and every other damn thing just makes Boba Fett all the more absurd to me.  Of all the jobs in science fiction his had to be the most ridiculous.  an INTERGALACTIC bounty hunter…are you kidding me?

  Jabba the Hut- yeah, I got this guy I want you to hunt down, he’s in his late twenties, white with dark hair…wears a black vest…he’s somewhere in the UNIVERSE.  Here’s a Polaroid of him, it might help y’knw…show it around see if anyone has seen him. 

Fett- “thanks.  I’d better get started, I’m going to grab some road beers and load up my Ipod for my bizzillion light year road trip to I don’t know where.  How long ago did he leave?  doesn’t matter..if I veer off his course by half a smurfs hair I’ll be three solar systems away after 30 minutes at light speed…assuming I don’t hit anything…at light speed.

Oh yeah, and I believe Einstein postulated that speed of light travel and it’s effects on time means that even though only a few weeks would have passed for Han Solo and myself while traveling back and forth to another universe at light speed…a couple hundred years will have passed for you, so can I get an advance or are you going to leave a note for your great great grand-kids of what?”

An intergalactic bounty hunter…oy.

anyhow HERE is what you need to know about Arsenic Lullaby this week.

The Trip Tank on Comedy Central will feature an Arsenic Lullaby Cartoon about the seventh episode…BUT the goal being MORE Arsenic Lullaby…ALL the episodes have to do well so it get renewed for another season.  So watch and go online and praise it …often.

I WILL be at C2E2 in Chicago April 25-27th…BUT as of right now I will ONLY be at the Comic Related booth ( d1-d2 ) signing and sketching and selling A.L. stuff THESE HOURS   FRI-SAT 2PM-4PM SUNDAY 12-2 PM

Speaking of Comic Related..my latest column for them is called “Life lessons from Doctor Doom”

it is here.

more later…

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