Dykstra has changed her story…let’s all learn from this

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The story has changed…let’s all learn from this

FIRST…to the victims of sexual assault and abuse. Ignore Chloe Dykstra and the whirlwind she will be reaping. You are not her.  Your story is true and people who know what they are talking about will know it. They will know it in ways you could not consciously express.

Please read this

Now then…I was double checking something today, because I..unlike apparently everyone else…care whether or not what I am typing is accurate.

This is a screen cap of her blog, I took today, in which she accused Hardwick

…Here is a screen cap of her blog originally…


Go ahead and change it again Chloe, there’s only like 40,000 people on reddit who archived or screen captured it originally.  A few of them were actually trying to defend you.  YOU F8CKING ASSHOLE.

Perhaps you missed the change, she changed it from “sexually assault” to “sexually violated”.

A shade of gray worth of change you might say. A differentiation without a difference. And I would absolutely agree with you. However…this change, in this instance, has extremely, cut and dried, question ending significance to it.  I think we can all agree that with it being a “differentiation without a difference” that ,for the sake of the truth, there is no reason to change it after three weeks.

First- It is a differentiation without a difference, except in the eyes of the law. Sexual assault is a legal term. If you used that, and knew you were lying, and noticed everyone was figuring that out…you’d definitely want make that change.  She used that term and declared that she had evidence to prove it should Hardwick attempt to sue her.  Seems like she does not…seems like she saw the evidence stacking up, which pointed to her being full of crap…and changed her blog.  So…that was a lie. and significant lie wouldn’t you say?…that there is no evidence.  We now have every reason now to believe that there is no evidence because Hardwick is innocent. She lied about having evidence…to all of us. Yet another lie running side by side with contradictions,in her blog which was the only information she ever produced in terms of this accusation.  Now as the evidence that points to her being full of crap is piling up, she is modifying her original blog. For whatever good that is.

Let us remember that in this three page blog there were only about six sentences that contained the sexual abuse allegation.  She just changed one of them.  I’m sorry, six sentences originally . Maybe tomorrow there will be five.

Keep in mind the absurdity and hubris of this change, at this time.  Sexual assault is the term that was used in all the headlines, by all the news agencies, that was the clickbait phrase that caught everyone’s eye and made Hardwick a pariah.  And she had been leading her fans to believe that she was moving on…all done talking about it, all done thinking about it. That’s why she’s not responding to any evidence, like her texts to him. Done and done, no looking back, it’s all in the rear view mirror now…just…gonna…tone down the ole legal ease a bit here…it’s the day before a big holiday, no one’s looking. There…changed..I never said that.

Which brings us to the second aspect of its significance -the “why” of her change to the story, aside from legal reasons.  The “why” would someone do this, something so ridiculously harmful to her credibility at this stage with such arrogance as to think it would go unnoticed?  Abject stupidity? maybe…more likely it is a gigantic blind spot, one that involves a character disorder…the same disorder that would allow someone to falsely accuse someone else of sexual assault. I will get to that towards the end.

Third- one does not change their story in the face of evidence if they have told the truth. I shall repeat that  –  one does not change their story in the face of evidence if they have told the truth

A shade of grey? A slight change in the story?  That was after only three weeks, what would her story be in three more weeks? How much lighter a shade of gray would it be? or in three more months? what would her accounting have been three months previous, what was the ACTUAL TRUTH?  We have two people we can ask. Chloe who has a mountain of evidence against her, including instances of her lying about other serious matters, her own texts to him seven months after the break up that contradict her story, and who has now changed specifics of her story…or Hardwick, who has a mountain of evidence to show he is innocent including THREE ex girlfriends who have come forward for no gain, with risk to their careers, to say that he is a good person and has never behaved in any way shape or form described by Chloe, with them…and by they way, you needn’t even accept their assessment of his character, only that he did not display such behavior while they were dating and you have a timeline that flies in the face of Chloe’s accusation because being a sexual abusive monster is not something one has the ability to turn on and off like a light switch, ( an in depth explanation here if for some reason you still need it) or whatever is left of her accusation by the time I’m done writing this.

She is an asshole.  She is a liar. She needs to get help.

Listen to me Chloe, you have anorexia. Anorexia does not go to the party by itself.  It brings friends… Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and/or Borderline Personality Disorder sometimes tag along.  Both of these give a person a lack of empathy to such a degree that it allows them to do something as heinous as falsely accusing someone of sexual assault. They also could account for that person being so blind to the clear and obvious revealing that she was lying, as changing her story.  They can even give an itch, that can only be scratched by outing one’s self as a liar, like by changing the story, to get the fuel that comes from the drama of the aftermath. If you do not yet understand that you are displaying self-destructive behavior, you will soon.  Something awful happened to you a long time ago, you need to get help.  You need to get help now. If you do not you will continue self-destructive behavior…which may swerve into to physically dangerous.

As for the rest of you, If you want to help the movement, if you want to help the victims, start behaving like adults, start giving serious thought out considerations to the accusations, start learning what you are talking about…but mostly, don’t get in over your head. There are professionals who are trained to give victims the help they need. You are not qualified for it, the internet is not qualified for it. They need to find real life actual help.

Accusers should be heard, victims should be believed, and if you do not have the evidence or qualifications to graduate one to the other, how about you stay the f8ck out of it and let the people who do handle it.

Sexual abuse allegations should not be subject to a rotten tomatoes score.

Now then…I am going to go back down to being a comedically gregarious jerk who draws comic books. DON’T MAKE ME COME BACK UP HERE.


***UPDATE- I’ve been informed by readers that Dykstra changed it back after this blog started getting spread around twitter and Instagram…bizarre.  ***there was more to this update specifically for Dykstra, I’m guessing she’s seen it by now.  Hopefully she gets some help.



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