amazing life hack, historical fact, video you gotta see, cartoon character, quiz dating advice! woooo!

Every time I turn on the internet I hate it more.  What world is everyone living in where this crap is actually interesting to them? “life hacks” useless trivia, dumbass videos, isn’t that why everyone left Myspace in the first place?  Okay fine…I can do this Hey, here’s some life… Continue reading

You must be new here…no capons allowed

Dumber, narcissistic , capons.   Facebook is making us dumber, I’m convinced of that.  It is also eroding our ability to communicate with each other.  We are all forcing ourselves to communicate with as little text as  possible, even though we are communicating with people from other areas, states, and… Continue reading

This weeks blog from Dave the Black Guy- a tale of midgets and monkeys

Money, Money, Money, Money! So the lotteries were both above a hundred million dollars this week, Powerball and Mega Millions. Whenever that happens I like to day dream about what I would do with that kind of money. The first thing I would do is assemble my staff. I would… Continue reading

pro tip. drawing nothing is very underrated

Lost in the splash pages and action shots of up and coming comic book illustrators, and (pathetically) some veteran illustrators is the simple idea, that what we are trying to do is capture the imagination of the readers. I’m going to reintroduce a phrase here , write it down- “establishing… Continue reading

what you need to know to see my big mouth in your town this Convention season

***UPDATE***  first three comic con appearance confirmations. Comic Con International Cincinnati Comic Expo Indianapolis Comic-con The convention season will be here soon.  This mean yours truly will be flat hatting it around the country trying to enrich your lives with the wonder and majesty that is my work of illustration… Continue reading

This weeks Blog from Dave the black guy – the final solution for terrorists

  Evil has no sense of humor I was going to write a blog about the cold weather we are having right now, but then some asshats in Paris had to kill some people. So these dicks got their balls in a bunch because a satirical newspaper in France made… Continue reading

the rest of you, try to understand …nobody got shot over a cartoon.

I would FIRST off like you to all stop making fools out of yourselves. Let me hit two quick points then onto the larger issue. 1- this is not a 1st amendment issue.  This is in FRANCE they have no 1st amendment.  2-This is not a free speech issue.  The… Continue reading

Before you hashtag your Muslim cartoon do us all a favor -READ THIS

  Tragedy is not an opportunity for you to feel important or pretend you are something you are not. or Can’t you just call them murdering swine without thinking that doing so makes you a hero? This week some french Cartoonist was targeted by extremest assholes for murder because of… Continue reading

This weeks Blog from Mike Bobbit- He met someone famous

I recently worked with another comedian and we started talking about the best and worst people with whom we’ve had to work. My list is made up of legitimately terrible people.  I don’t care if they’re funny or not.  They’re people who off stage are monsters.  One lied about having… Continue reading

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