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Evil has no sense of humor

I was going to write a blog about the cold weather we are having right now, but then some asshats in Paris had to kill some people. So these dicks got their balls in a bunch because a satirical newspaper in France made fun of their religion. Their response? Murder everyone. In the words of Marty McFly from Back to the Future 3, “Hey, lighten up jerks!”

Humor is what makes us human. If you can’t laugh at things then something is wrong in your brain. Now these bitches think that if someone makes fun of their religion then you can kill them. What kind of shit is that? Does their god have no sense of humor? I know my God does. My God created the platypus, marijuana, and turned water to wine. My God is somebody you want to hang out with at a party. He’s not gonna flip out if you go to the beach and get a caricature of him done by one of those beach artists you see on TV.

They say that they follow Islam. I don’t think that’s true. I think their just following their fellow assclowns. Islam is a religion of peace. There are parts of Islam I admire. Like how they won’t drink alcohol, because that means more booze for me. Nah, we need to stop calling them Islamic terrorists and just call them terrorists. These anus faces aren’t representing a religion like they claim, they just get their rocks off by being homicidal maniacs.

Racists used to condone slavery and segregation by saying it was supported by God. I don’t call them Christian racists, I just call them racists. I also call them goat fuckers. Which works with the terrorists too. In fact, let’s call them all goat fuckers! ‘In the news today a couple of goat fuckers killed some people because they couldn’t take a joke.”

So what can be done about these goat fuckers? Can they be rehabilitated? Should we try and talk to them and negotiate with them? Hug it out? Nah, these goat fuckers contribute nothing to society. Nothing. The world would be no poorer without these humorless bastards in it. So they should be hunted down and killed.

But not before they are forced to come and shovel my sidewalk and driveway wearing nothing but wet boxers. I can sit in my house and point and laugh at them freezing. Because I don’t care where you come from, that’s just funny.

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