what you need to know to see my big mouth in your town this Convention season

***UPDATE***  first three comic con appearance confirmations.

Comic Con International

Cincinnati Comic Expo

Indianapolis Comic-con

The convention season will be here soon.  This mean yours truly will be flat hatting it around the country trying to enrich your lives with the wonder and majesty that is my work of illustration and prose  ARSENIC LULLABY

As always, If you see me at coming to a convention, it means I vouch for that show being worthwhile.  Worthwhile for me AND worthwhile for you, all kidding aside, If the only thing worth seeing at a show would be me…I don’t go.  I won’t have you waste your money ( especially when it is money that could end up in my pocket!) You all know by now I call them like I see them, . Friend, foe, or neutral, if a show is bad I won’t go and if it is good I will.   Usually there are shows on my schedule that are new or that I don’t know much about…I let you know that ahead of time.  Even those though, I do a little research on before I go.

Here’s YOUR part in all this.

FIRST, if you want me to come to a show by you, you need to FIRST…FIRST…contact that show and bug them to have me. 

most convention operators book guests in this order… 

1-who they want to meet/want to hang out with

2-who they THINK is hot and will draw in more paying attendees.

Yes…that is backwards, but it gets worse.  Did you notice i put emphasis on “THINK”  in no.2?  See, in a perfect world people would run their businesses like a business and do things like…oh…pay attention to the industry in which they exist.  Convention operators would go to other shows, and watch to see who actually has a crowd around their booth, how has people coming specifically to see them, who is making the show fun for the attendees so that positive word of mouth spreads (that would be guys like me) and conversely who , despite drawing some marvel or DC superhero book, is often absent from their table, rude and standoffish, shy and uninteresting in person, and not actually drawing any attendees that wouldn’t be coming anyway because one inker for a super hero book  is as good as the next.  If you already have 7 …having one more isn’t going to sweeten the pop for people who don’t care about that stuff.  Pay attention here con operators…if you have a laundry list of super hero guys then you are going to get people who like superhero books…and that is ALL you are going to get.  That leaves ALLLLLL the people with money and not much to do that weekend who like horror, comedy, indy books, or just want to find something they haven’t seen before. You want growth? start culling crops from more than one field.

Back to my point, most of these guys are not going to take the time or don’t have the time to make note of who is ACTUALLY out there increasing attendance at shows.  SO..YOU..are going to have to start letting them know, you and your friends, you and your friends friends maybe.   While many con operators are lacking in their interest in researching these things, they are not stupid.  If you raise hell, they will bring in the people you want to see.  It’s as simple as sending an email to the “contact” part of their page and say – Hey, I’d like to see Douglas Paszkiewicz of Arsenic Lullaby at your show!

The SECOND thing to do is contact me…with a link.  That link means a lot because I am already doing 17 things a day keeping this business going.  Having you tract down the link and fire it off saves me a few minutes…and minutes are precious around here…very precious.

A quick recap

DO- contact your local convention and tell them you would like to see me there!  ( most of them have websites with a “contact” section)

DO- Tell me you would like to see me at your show AFTER you have done this.

DO NOT- take anything for granted , such as me being there last year meaning I will be there for sure this year.  YOU are the ones who decide where I will be.

DO NOT- bother contacting ANY Wizard World Show, as I would rather chew broken glass than attend another on OR have any of you waste your money paying to get into those overpriced clusterf*cks because I would be there.

Below is my Bio if you need to use  it.

Douglas Paszkiewicz is a veteran in the comic book industry, having done work for Image, and DC Comics, Mad Magazine and Topps Mars Attacks while keeping his own Independently Published work Arsenic Lullaby at the top of the heap in popularity and critical acclaim.   His cartoonish yet skillfully precise drawing style is immediately recognizable no matter where they are featured.

Outside of comics he has recently done writing for the upcoming “Trip Tank” cartoon series from Comedy Central.

Among other critical acclaim his comic, Arsenic Lullaby, has been nominated for the Industries two highest awards, the Harvey Award and the Eisner award for “Best Humor Publication”. Arsenic Lullaby was recently translated into Greek and published overseas where it was promptly nominated for Europe’s Comicdom Award.  With biting satire, bizarre plots, and morbidly charming characters Douglas is one of the few who keeps fans interested as well as critics.

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