Before you hashtag your Muslim cartoon do us all a favor -READ THIS


Tragedy is not an opportunity for you to feel important or pretend you are something you are not.
Can’t you just call them murdering swine without thinking that doing so makes you a hero?
This week some french Cartoonist was targeted by extremest assholes for murder because of his controversial cartoons.  Let’s be clear the on the gravity of what we are talking about here. We are talking about the cold-blooded murders of 12 people.  12 people, some of whom had attempts made on their lives already, who continued to publish the way the felt was mortally necessary…as in- more important than their lives.
And I am watching cartoonists in the safest country on earth for cartoonists bluster on about it.  Here it has already been boiled down to “controversial” cartoons.  As if 99% of them know ANYTHING what so ever about drawing something controversial.  As if they have EVER in ANY of their worked sniffed at controversy, or even drawn anything that required protection by the 1st amendment.   

Shut the f*ck up.

Go ahead and call the murders what they are, go ahead and give support and call attention to the backwards ass thinking of the individuals who did this and their ilk.  But do NOT for a split second, think you have ANYTHING in common with the guy who drew the cartoons that were responded to with automatic rifle fire. 

The president of the National Cartoonists Society ( never heard of it? me neither) Tom Richmond  of Mad Magazine, I guess felt obligated to bask in the glow of it all and field phone calls, interviews, and puke up a blog saying nothing in particular beyond what someone who has never picked up a pen might add to the subject.

Tom does not live in France, nor I doubt has any notion whatsoever what the mood is or was over there in regards to the clash of cultures going on in parts of Europe as they are flooded with immigrants of Muslim decent…Many of whom , even though they are not actively murdering anyone, are pretty damned hard core about making Frances laws reflect THEIR laws. YET, he dished out some vapid nonsense about if there was a point to the cartoons, and whether or not the cartoons should have been published.  Safely at his desk in the USA he pontificated about something that was published, by people who already had attempts made on there lives,  in a part of the world that is on the brink of riots, because of an underlying tension, because of stark  issues that are in people’s faces on a daily basis.  If Tom had done anything controversial he would know that a controversial piece is the usually RESULT of PROVOCATION .  Not the other way around.  It is a REACTION…otherwise it wouldn’t actually be controversial no matter how hard it tried.

He then went on to say this…and I am going to quote it here so you don’t think I am making it up. 

“Do I think this attack will cause cartoonists to think twice about doing cartoons criticizing Islam? Absolutely not. Cartoonists are a fearless lot. Most that I have talked with are incensed about this and determined NOT to let a bunch of terrorists silence their pens. If they find they have something to say about Islam, or any religion or topic for that matter, they are going to say it. They make take a few more precautions for their personal safety, but I don’t think anyone is going to stop doing what they do, or more accurately, let someone else stop them from doing what they do.”

I don’t know where to start.

Let’s start with this….IF you have ever done anything controversial, then you will admit, at least to yourself, that YES a big negative reaction does stay in your head the next time.  Maybe you use the reaction as motivation, maybe you decide it really, in all reality, wasn’t worth the hassle.   But YES OF COURSE IT MAKES YOU THINK TWICE.  You know who DOESN’T think twice when they see someone murdered over a cartoon?  Some goofball in midwest U.S.A. snug as a bug in a rug an ocean away from the violence who has NEVER FACED CONTROVERSY IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Those of use who HAVE ACTUALLY DONE CONTROVERSIAL WORK, are giving people like Tom the -jerk off- gesture this week.  I can guarantee  you Tom, my  peers in the U.S., and anyone reading this,  that cartoonists who live in Europe have no choice but to think twice.  This attitude Tom is relaying is akin to some guy in the National Guard in Nebraska saying he would defiantly have charged up the beachhead during D-Day and not felt any fear. What an absolute JOKE. What an embarrassing paragraph from a grown man.

Let me just stew on this sentence for a moment..let’s ALL stew on it.

“Cartoonists are a fearless lot.”


Fearless?  How would they even know if they are “fearless”?!  Are they dodging RPG’s in Afghanistan?  Kicking their way into flaming houses to rescue children?  Hell, they ain’t even writing speeding tickets in Yawnville U.S.A.  They are drawing cartoons and sending it off the be printed and sold…far far away from them.  They draw something, usually in their own house, and then  lock their door.  Even the more controversial among us doesn’t face much actual danger beyond the email death threat here and there…several shades away from living in a city where people are willing to kill each other over the subject you are drawing.

Tom works for Mad…I worked for Mad.  I can tell you first hand , the slightest tinge of controversy sends the editor in chief hiding under his desk.  The current Mad is not even going to risk a stern look from a mother at the Wal-Mart magazine rack, much less rifle fire. Although I do look forward to seeing them publish some obligatory watered down strip about this months from now when the water has cooled.  50/50 odds they won’t even go that far.  That’s  fine, the editors can lead that mag in any direction they wish, but given that… what would Tom know about any of it?  Perhaps he received an angry letter of two from a Justin Bieber fan, but personally I don’t think that counts.  In my estimation, this is a guy ( an example mind you of MANY cartoonists being heard from) that has no earthly idea what he is talking about.  No idea about the mood of the country in question, the reason for the publication in the first place, or what it means to deal with being controversial.

Here’s another good one though

“If they find they have something to say about Islam, or any religion or topic for that matter, they are going to say it. “

Well, here’s a big golf clap for them.  IF they find they have something to say…about a topic that is literally reforming government policies all over the globe.  IF…?  They might be too busy, but on the off chance they happen to give enough of a crap about the world in which they live…they will defiantly uhm…say something.   We’ll see a few more cartoons about it now, from those coming late to the party who want to act like they do in fact matter, and get on board the “aren’t we all important bandwagon”, that they know full well will be lost in a glut of such cartoons for the next week or so.  Any of them going to bother to research anything?  stay glued to the topic awhile?  Produce any work that is actually relevant?  My money is on No.  Don’t give a crap?  Dealing with controversy isn’t your thing? NO PROBLEM.  I can respect that. As long as you REMEMBER THAT AND DON’T ACT LIKE YOU HAVE SOME CONNECTION TO ANY OF THIS.

So…go ahead, be disgusted at the murders, and make your comics and hashtag away.  If you want to do so to keep attention on it, or as a middle finger to the murdering swine,  Do not let me dissuade you from that.  And if this has genuinely made you reconsider how and what you write/draw about that’s fine.  But do keep in mind your hash-tagged cartoon is not in any way shape or form “fearless” or “controversial” given the late date, and safety in which you produced it.


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